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We are the 99 percent


A 26 year old female who wants a future.

"1968 was more of a cultural kind of revolution. This time I think it's much more serious. We're in an economic crisis, an ecological crisis, living in a sort of apocalyptic world, and the young people realize they don't really have a viable future to look forward to." - Kalle Lasn - Adbusters

The Origins of Occupy Wall Street

THE OCCUPATION MOVEMENT NEEDS CONCRETE OBJECTIVES. WE ARE NOT EGYPT OR TUNISIA (and even they had concrete objectives). The young, educated, and in-the-know are the MINORITY in this country. The majority of the country, despite the last few years, is still comfortable ENOUGH, ignorant ENOUGH, busy ENOUGH to ignore the majority of global and national activities. The emotional momentum this movement is currently running on will not have long-lasting self sustenance.

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