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We are the 99 percent


I'm Alexander Thornton Taylor, and I've been waiting for this for some time. I knew this was inevitable and I'm so glad it's happening. Here's a piece I wrote I'd like to have circulated.

This Can’t Happen NO More
“This can’t happen no more.”, was the emphatic words of a protester having
been caught in the onslaught of batons and pepper spray carried through the hands
of the NYPD. The NYPD acted as such because the peaceful protest began to push
a barricade in order to literally take the march onto Wall Street. One can’t necessarily
justify moving a technically legal barricade, but the NYPD’s reaction can’t be justified
either. An important note is that although the police reacted violently the protesters did
not follow suite. They remained peaceful, yet 28 were still arrested.
The protests have seemed to create a distinct degree of separation between the
said “99 percent” and the “1 percent”. Days earlier up to a thousand protesters known
as Occupy Wall Street began marching across the Brooklyn Bridge, initially taking the
walkways. Then they were funneled into the streets by the police who led them down
and led them to believe it was okay. At the other end of the bridge however more police
were waiting, blocking them from exit. Then on both ends they pulled out orange netting
and began “kettling” the entire crowd together, to the point of little movement. 700
people were trapped on this bridge, then all 700 arrested one by one for obstructing a
roadway. Protests have began all over the country. Places like DC, San Fransisco,
Boston, St. Louis, Seattle. The arrests have, too. 10 in St. Louis, and 26 in Seattle
where they literally entered people’s tents to do so.
In order to specify where the focus of this nationwide vigilance committee falls, I
refer to Jim Nunns, a senior member at the Urban Institute, provided by the Washington
Post writer Suzy Khimm. He said, “The average income of the top 1 percent of U.S.
households in 2011 is $1,530,773, while the average income of the bottom 20 percent
is $9,187, the median [being] $65,357.” Notice the gap. According to Annie Lowrey the
gap has grown over time because, “ The top 1 percent of households took a bigger
share of overall income in 2007 than they did at any time since 1928.” Isn’t it funny how
greed is responsible for recessions and depressions.
The aim isn’t of necessity on those who accrued the average wealth, but those
who gained substantially more. The people in power, government included, responsible
for this recession. are who Occupy Wall Street are talking to. And many, many
others are in step with their word. Countless unions, organizations, student bodies,
and a diverse collection of people are making their discontent known. For Occupy...
it’s all about the solidarity. Uniting the masses is the key to change. Certain news
organizations report these protests as aimless with no message. But they miss the fact
that their presence is the message. They’re showing the one percent that they are here
and they’re pissed; per se.
On occupywallst.org they have a list of demands. When finished they will
be handed to those in government willing to listen; given the opportunity. One in
ACT). The repeal of provisions of The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 from the Gramm-
Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 will more or less be retracted. In other words the 1 percent
investment bankers will no longer be able to play with the 99 percents’ money in
commercial banks. The call for numbers is so this will be the end result. So that maybe
a new amendment might say Seperation of State and Corporation.
All over the world these demands are being said in one way or another.
Many countries in Northern Africa like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia; and in Europe like Greece,
England, Italy. Here in America it’s Madison, New York, DC, etc. In every instance of
protest they’ve been met by government forces. Unfortunately resulting in death with
some. It’s reported by PressTV that 100+ were killed in Egypt; some 2,000 others
wounded. The people see that the Corporations have manipulated our government and
our country to work in their favor. JP Morgan Chase, one of the targets in these
protests, “beginning in 2010 to the first quarter” according to their website,
donated “resources valued at $4.6 million” to the New York Police Foundation. This was
quincidently a week or so after the Occupy Wall Street began. The same day they
announced this 700 adults and teens were arrested. However, Occupy... is serious
about this. They have lawyers that got every single person out. Also, medics for such
incidents as the a fore mentioned batons and spray. I’m not saying JP bought the
NYPD, but is was odd timing for this announcement.
Obviously the masses have had enough of this greed and corruption. Numbers
are growing each day; their voices are getting louder. The question is where does it go
from here? Time will tell.

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