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Everyone is trying to figure out what these protest and movements stand for. Trying to label it republican or democrat beliefs, values, interest. This god or that god. The most common socialism. They still don't understand. Personally for me this movement is about government systems and corporations of this planet and how corrupted they have become. As well as a deep concern for the future of humanity, planet and struggles and pollution that corruption, greed, stupidity, ignorance and profit seeking causes to the planet,public and the youth . I understand its ok to have money and i'm sure a good chunk of the wealthy today have earned their wealth but when the wealthy make bad decisions or can't keep up with ideas for the future it is not up to or the responsibility of tax payers to "bail" them out or consume at the cost of our health, planet and lives to make the stocks go up a few point's so people can regain their bottom lines and not learn from bad decisions they are making. It appears the wealthiest among us have very few idea's, visions or solutions that can help the struggling people of this planet and they seems to get in the way of innovative idea's when ever possible. i'm growing very tired of it. i don't know about you.

Energy/ Material

If humans do not get their current energy consumption methods under control we will not have the necessary fuel to produce any kind of social,physical,semi materialistic, educational , healthy and/or most importantly a sustainable lifestyle we can all enjoy. If you don't keep track of our oil and advice a real goal for that energy then everything we are protesting for won’t even be an option. Also realizing certain aspects of the american culture is something to despise. Waste, pollution, certain value sets like consumerism and selfish perspectives of the world. Oil is everything, oil produces alternative fuels. In most cases give or take on the current breakthroughs in technology. It can take more oil to construct a newer method or system of producing energy then we get from it. I'm talking about a concept called peak oil and net energy. With that understanding i urge people to consider not wasting the oil we have on stupidity or on an outdated form of operation. Everything you have on right now is made from oil, the phone or ipod. your shoes, shirts and so on. Computers, cars, houses, the food we eat. It all needs oil. ( For now )., My concerns is we will waste needed oil to rebuild or innovate our lives or planet. To live freely, free of money, worries and high cost of living. High cost of education. Retirement cost, Housing, energy, food. Cut pollution and waste. Prevent an over whelming impact of inflation on generations to come and a possible break down of our planet.

Fracking is bullshit. Fracking should be banned. Do you realize fracking uses around 5 million gallons of water and over 500 different chemicals in the process and contaminates the surrounding land and air? Coal produces and needs a verity of similar chemicals. Pollutes land,water and the air.

Reports I've read dated back to the 70's 80's and 90's, some earlier. State we are reaching peak or half the available cheap resource of fossil fuels on this planet. Cost is not a simple word.(Polluting land, air, water and the sea.) There are plenty of idea's to address energy for the future. Pollution is important, our water, land and air is important. Oil finds at the polar ice caps won't come close to giving us a enough oil to function or live as humans have been. Being very wasteful. Polluting land, air, water and the sea. There might be just enough oil at the caps to either rebuild or to fall apart a little slower. Hard to paint a clear picture because we truly don't know how much oil is left here or there. Reason i think global worming isn't that important... The ice has to melt. No one cares about the possible consequences. Not saying we could prevent that but having no concerns so big business can get their hands on the oil is just stupid especially if you consider the many alternatives available to us.. Same goes for Saudi Arabia. There is not enough oil to sustain life as we know it. Not how we function today. I'm sure i'm not the only one, but i think Oil is a big reason for the wars in the middle east. As well as worries of a possible collapse of the US dollar. US needs to maintain the dollars function around the world. Losing the number one currency statues means a much higher cost of living for all of us and could possibly lead the world into world war.

Energy and economics go hand in hand. Everything we do cost energy. Energy pretty much defines the cost of living as well as printing funny money on the backs of the youth. Prices go up when energy prices go up. The printing of money also causes the cost of living to go up. It causes inflation. Just a thought, something to help people understand a bigger picture. Something beyond short sided goals. Maybe those of you that are a big part of organizing groups and meetings can start thinking about these things and educate yourselves and people around you. Do the research yourselves and make the connections on a verity of topics. Also look up solar,photovoltaic materials, wind energy, 3d printing, printing houses, printing solar panels, air purification systems. Look into the the venus project. Look up any research being done on a verity of concepts related to lowering the cost of living and cleaning the environment. Industrial age is dead. Many topics to cover. All for nothing if you don't. Holding onto old notions like the left or right party system is not going to evolve our minds and the world we live in. Those ideals are old fashion their not going anywhere and those mindsets or perspectives separate us..

The way money works has got to change or be eliminated. The value set behind money has to change. The energy we use has got to change and needs to be drastically updated with innovative ideas.

There is not enough money for everyone and there never will be. The rules/laws of economics prevent that. As the population grows more money will be needed.If you have 500 people working. let's say they each need 100$. That means there is 50000$ in circulation. Now add another 200 people. Now we are 20000$ short. We can either print money, let these people battle it out or just let those people die. when you print money it causes the value of the currency to fall. In turn the cost of living goes up. So now add 4 million new people or billions. That means a large % of cash either needs to be created out of thin air so people can get their hands on it or it means we are over populated under a monetary system. Printing money like i said causes inflation. People say "use the gold standard". Well how much gold do you think we can collect? Gold runs into the same problem as paper money. Population. What makes you think gold can keep up with population? Hard truths is either we rethink how we operate as a planet or country or we need to address the population. Some would say that's part of the end goal. Population control. If these goals are true. I would say that is insane. Not only because killing large numbers of people is a bad thing but because it would be done for the sake of money. Monetary currency. A silly man made system of function. Why not create a new system? When you have issues that are systemic you should address the system causes the issue.

We can power this planet 10 times over with newer concepts of energy production/harnessing but there will not be enough money to go around. Meaning if we stick with this artificial monetary game people wont be able to perches the energy that can be made available.. even tho there will be enough energy to go around. If everyone even through hard work reached "the american dream" there wouldn't be enough money to go around. Its simple math. It’s going to get worse as the population grows. Simply said. Let's say we come up with a set, stern number. That number is cash in circulation. We decide we print no more money. What are people that are born over the next 200 yrs going to do? Every person born is another person that needs $50,000 yr or more to survive. So you could say every time a baby is born add $50,000 to the debt and if we print the money for that person it makes the value of the entire currency go down. Slavery appears in an economic sense a way to fill in the wealth gab or needed money gab. Slaves don't need money there for no more money is needed in the circulation. Makes me wonder if economist of the past figure that one out.

Our current system of operation has out lived its usefulness.
The system in its entirety is the problem. It really makes no sense at all.

As far as democracy goes. Unless the people we vote into office understand something more than law and business. It's a waste of time. That means the public needs to be better educated to understand something more than business and law. Celeb new and a verity of other bullshit for lack of better words.

There is a thought i had.

Quote. " Our work force lacks the needed skills for jobs of the future"

To me that means.Unskilled voters.

In that sense. It seems democracy is a trap or a dead end. Not going anywhere.

Uneducated people supporting outdated idea's. A public not able to determine what "things", people, idea's or groups are need or should be supported. There are many elements or factors to or of the world that the public should know about or know of and should be educated in. To better their lives, planet, community, their children, education, there vote....people are not able to vote for something that really promotes solving the many issues that affect all of us one way or another if their not educated to do so.

Don't take that wrong. Just think about it.

It is time to show the power of the people. To take back what is our's. To promote innovation, not poverty. Promote care and respect for one-another not greed or war. We must come out in numbers, we most join the people on the streets. As our numbers grow people will join us. We must set a goal and reach it. We most execute something so powerful that it cannot be ignored. So big it will be seen from the furthest galaxy. So loud it crushes the forces of evil. We most grow this awareness to a peak. A peak that can be sustained and has meaning. A vision for the future. We can no longer indulge in this materialistic, consumerist wasteful life we once knew and continue leaving out concern for the environment humans need to live or survive. Promote the innovation of our culture, our environment, ourselves, our minds and our system of human operation.Do not be discouraged by our numbers. As we report our growing numbers, more will join us. I hope. I feel people don't wanna feel alone. As tho they are breaking free only to find an empty path. We must put aside our differences and focus our strength on common ground. To live free. To live in a state that promotes critical, logical thinking, innovation, education, free media. To live in a system that allows you to expand your mind and gives everyone the means to express that expansion. We must do this thing or perish.


why are nations always at each-others throat's? All the god dam time. Worries of weapons production and military troop movement, oil, gold, resources, religion... Global demotion worries. Why is it, that Putin or china or any other nation or leader hates this country or any other country?.? Why do most american civilians hate people on the other side of the world? People they will never know or meet in their lifetimes. Honestly i think public hate is more so created by our leaderships, news, propaganda, outdated education.. False sense of nationalism and bigotry. Tho i understand any concerns regarding american culture. Why do "powerful" people think weapons or military spending should take priority over feeding and housing people or bettering people's lives or building a future ?. Maybe it's time we change our leadership's all around the world. All that money spent on military buildup and war over the past 50yrs could have educated, feed, housed and set free or lifted up generation of people.I have no issues with Russian people, Chinese people, Iranian people, African people...Who ever.. we are all humans. People clearly have no idea as to what is possible if all nations worked together. To better the lives of people. The ideas are already out there. Most of the time idea's just get block out by stupidity and corrupted establishments. There's really no need to think of any idea's we already have plenty. Tho more wouldn't hurt. Many reasons to improve upon current idea's or think of idea's on your own. I have noticed most people pay very little attention to many solutions nor do they share or have any of their own or understand the necessary types of idea's needed.

Meaning they don't understand the rout of the problems.

Like i said when people do create amazing, innovative idea's those usually those idea's get suppressed by an uneducated public and "powerful establishments. For the most part.

Stop with the fighting, stop with weapons production and stop fueling this crazy perspective and cycle that everything is a war. We are humanity.

Religion has been used to kill plenty of people throughout the history of man. Men killing in the name of. Try building a house for the poor by prayer. I bet that house never gets built. All people need the same things. Clean water, arable land, healthy food, education, a place to live, love and a doctor for their health. All of these elements of life a very possible if we just stop bitching and fighting and work together as a planet.

Change will only come about in unity. If you separate you die. The control or conditioning will continue. Your children and your children's children will be stuck under idea'ls that have no place in the future. Those idea's are destroying this planet and people's minds.

The mainstream mentality of today’s masses has become nothing more than a detriment to the minds of our youth and to our societies as whole on this planet when compared to the ideas of tomorrow.

Regarding people and there thoughts of free will and freedom...Concerns of leadership in movements
You start an idea for betterment and then you send it through many filters.( your brains) collectively arrange the thoughts into action in-turn turning that idea into a psychical reality based on each-other's input, based on our understandings or experiences or background of the given issue, topic or proposed solution's and issues. If you can relate.If you can't relate.. You say. " i Don't know " "Can you help me understand ?. Collectively you help that person understand. Not telling them what to think, but bringing them information which is the same as saying influence him or her and bring them to a mental understanding so they can participate in the process and maybe come to the same conclusion as everyone else. ask questions to further grow your own awareness. that is as close to voluntary as i can come up with but the thoughts this posts creates are not voluntary. That is the effect of environment on people. We are all influenced. Nothing is natural. It's all learned.

I think by now it's understood that with a verity of technical concepts, idea's and with a little rethinking as to how our communities function. We could lower the cost of living. Within or without a money system..we could lower the cost of many, many " things". At the same time creating work for the youth and adults that (matters) or has a very positive impact on our lives and our environments. provide skills that matter and skills that are helpful. I don't mean collage information and test teaching and taking. I mean like hands on, trade or skills training for free. Not everyone needs to understand crazy math, poetry and the many sciences we never use in our personal lives. There are plenty of people capable of physical labor and understanding the basics or the given concept and how it applies to our lives. if you like all that mathematical information and understand it and can apply that education to more idea's then you do that. I'm trying to get people to build these concepts and i'm trying to spread those idea's. Time to define what a "good job" is.. a few hundred thousand kids learning how to build solar panels or something that will really help with cost of living. to me is a "good job" not stocking food on a shelf or pushing papers in an office so they can battle the cost of living until they die...I know, i know..Where does the money come from.. I'll always say...Stop funding things that kill people and there's your money.
Why is it that people can enlist into the military for money,training and needed skills and that same concepts doesn't apply to education, job training and other skills needed for a none military living?

Clear sign to me that the establishment understands the power of or the manipulation that money has on people. Sure as shit gives a clear sign as to where our cutlers values lye..Tell your kids to play more video games. Soon they can get paid and trained to bomb the shit out of a 3rd world countries..killing people they know nothing about and most likely will never meet. O wait that's already happening and i think it's a collage course now..
Over time people will start to wake up, information will be released reviling the corrupted and the poisoned minded. Like what’s happening today before your very eyes all over the world.

This world is built on the backs of the dying young and the broken slaves. A twisted reality or culture that supports greed and profits and fuels aberrant behavior.

The origin of social behavior,developments, organizations, and institutions is a reflection of the environment or the culture that people live in.

t’s like a big loop..if you don’t break the negative environmental or cultural cycle you can’t improve social behavior,development, organizations, and institutions, health, education.. because the people will continue to reflect their


The rich or the leaders of this world have direct control over how our culture evolves because they control the resources for development which is money, land, materials, media...education
so then you can say, the establishment has a direct impact on our social behavior,its origins, developments, organizations, and institutions. Molding us into accepting the reality the establishment creates for you.
I truly believe in my heart and mind that this is the case and is what we are all dealing with. Breaking from the matrix as people call it.

Another way to look at changing the system over time is this..

Think of all the people that pay very little attention to government actions, policies, elections, voting, foreign policy, economics... People that could really give two shits.Also there are plenty of people that buy into the messages feed by the two party system. Yet still clueless.They get tricked.. Some of those people might make a good amount money, and some of them my not....but if we updated the many elements of how we function in community which really is the same as individually. If you put that statement under the context of common needs or want's we have. Most of us have to pay the same type of bills every mouth. We could lower the cost of what it takes to live every day. Allowing us to live on disregarding government policy..and all that other political nonsense and bureaucracy. As an individual which is what most people are primarily concerned about, but as an individual you could be living better, happier, less stressful more educated lives ....whatever it is you wanna do..all while not polluting the place we live and helping people.. The trap we are in is that it takes unity i the public to change direction and implement idea's . it takes the democratic vote. People are split across the board on many issues we don't have that unity like the people controlling this country do. Once the public helps itself. You or we can continue to say fuck these politicians, or policies and continue in our or your ignorance.

more notes...##################################################

Contemporary economics. Is the problem. Money is the problem. I would say maybe it's possible to use currency but i think that all depends on people's values and ways of thinking or thought.

Most of what people know today is outdated or ill advised. Wage raises are short term "quick fixes " for those individuals getting the raise. That is if they can keep their jobs for advocating such changes and depending if the big boss man decides to take a pay cut.

Raises can cause the cost of products to rise. Causing a higher cost of living. Meaning you'll need yet another pay raise.
Something or someone will have to make up the difference.

Money has created a very savior mental illness among our planet. Profit over people. Wealth before health, logic, concern, care, respect, planet, education and sustainability.Report the things free market doesn't do, not just what you think it does.

I'd agree free market worked out good for a short while. Creating the world you see around us. I agree it did help to a point. Today it's no longer necessary. Creates unnecessary waste, pollution , behavior ,health issues.... Uneducated people should not mold a market . Meaning people unable to determine something's value. (If it works or does not work) sustainable or unsustainable. Healthy or unhealthy. creates environmental devastation or it does not. The given or current establishments sure as shit are not going to inform , educate or tell the public. (What works or dose not work) Goods are made or produced based on what people buy and support. So if uneducated people support shitty products, food and services blindly then that's all companies and culture will keep producing and these establishments will continue to get away with what they are doing to people and planet for profit. That also meaning humanity will never advance past the old norms. Holding back our society from using or applying available innovative extension of the human mind. For, health,education planet, a lower cost of of living, sustainability...

I'll put it this way. When I worked at best-buy I told people to shop online and to call me for computer services outside of the store because these places of business seek nothing but money and did nothing to educate people about saving money on product and servicing. You can't have an educated consumer or provide efficient products, services and repair with a free market. Profits are lost. People don't come back to spend money if they know anything about the goods ,products or services they wanna use ,buy or repair. People certainly don't come back and spend money if the products are made to last or are easy to repair.

I'm telling you. I have heard people repeat the same information or talking points over and over. it's all wrong...well more so just outdated. There will never be enough work for everyone. Meaning this country or planet will always have to provide some sort of "socialist" programs or print more money as the population grows . I think most of us understands by now what the printing of money does in the economic world ( to currency) and to the cost of living. So if country or planet is going to or has to and should provide a % of the population with food, cash , housing, phones and whatever else. Let’s update how we operate and provide those "socialist" programs . how we function. Let’s do it right, sustainably. So no one is stuck with the bill.

Poverty or scarcity of life causes crime, unnecessary jailing of people , health problems and more uneducated people. All those issues are systemic and cyclical.

In the "future" , today or whenever people decide to take part in real changes. A lot of jobs today can be cut. freeing people of shitty jobs or unnecessary labor. Freeing people from having to to live a lie or in a stat ignorance, greed, selfishness or just pushing reality aside. Once production methods of certain goods and services become automated. Updated to be safe and clean. Human labor will not be needed or as necessary. That's a good thing. Some people will work others will not. Products will all go by what is necessary for people to live their lives. Based on natural law.

Natural law link.
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9FDIne7M9o)

Meaning if you want energy you go to work 3-5-6-whatever amount of hours that are needed, split among the public because you understand we need energy to survive. The energy is what you’re getting paid and providing for everyone else. The energy method in use would follow environmental concern or guidelines. So something like fracking would not be used in the future because it effects our environment and the health or people's wellbeing. Those concerns would take priority over saving money. The cost would be nothing more than the resources deemed necessary for the production or construction of the new energy method. Manufacturing and other products would follow the same standards of natural law. i know "selfish" people wouldn't train to work for "nothing" but I would and plenty of people will. Takes a change in how we think. View the world and ourselves. Revolution of the mind, values and ideas.
Perspective revolution ...

I can only hope that selfishness will fade in the future.
Regardless, a newer means of function is available. We can all mold and shape it. With our concerns. With so many people and so little work and having a greater excess to life. stress, anxiety , illness , crime , poverty will go down. Creativity , education and living will go up. Education will be free,. travel will be easy and simple. food would be healthy and all while not destroying the land we need to live on and allowing people to live their own lives.
Obviously most people would not want their food automated. People going to school or online training and study will want to cook food and so on or perform their interest. What they choose to study knowing the reward is their own personal enjoyment and others enjoyment.

Then people say who's gonna clean things and do other maintenance? Educated, healthy, mentally sound people will. You clean cuz shit needs to be cleaned. You maintain because something needs to be maintained Not filthy. sanitary. kept working operating properly.

Won't people be lazy ?

I say money causes laziness. Of good behavior, socially preferred values, right and wrong, morals. Common sense. I'm not saying you can't do whatever you want in public or in your homes but shit we could be operating a hell of a lot better than today's given operation.

Automated cooking would work in a culture that doesn't seek gain or profit over health and the wellbeing of others. Meaning healthy production methods would be built into our infrastructure. Locally we would be growing healthy food. It would be priority because it's proven to be healthy, it's needed and there would be real concern for people's health..No more low bidder food to save cost on operation. Indoor and outdoor farming. Vertical farms alone could solve food demand issues. A well as controlling the amount of food we waste.

GMO food in not necessary. At this time. We have the capabilities, knowledge and idea's today to produce food that will keep people healthy because it is naturally healthy to eat and proven to be.


At some point humans will need to cut the amount of meat we eat. There are some lab grown meat being tested but very long term we cant keep pilling cows into farms.


I just tell people pay no attention to elitist plans that appear to be in place and create new plans for the future. For many reasons. One being just knowing your own struggles and wanting to better or solve those struggles. For yourself and others. Really most cases of struggle are completely unnecessary. ( Matrix) Cost of living being one of them. Really the major struggle for most people. Completely fabricated at this point. That's simply where I'm coming from in regards to the illuminati. Give them no attention and take no part in the plans. Do not war for them, work or function on their behalf. Work on a plan that is molded, constructed and planned on behalf of and created for /by the people. wanna pay less for energy? we can. For travel? We can. Healthy food ? we can. Housing? we can. Education is basically free already with the Internet. In home classes with computers and web cams. Plenty of ideas to lower education cost. Depending how you like to learn. I guess in way I have an urge for justice. I think bypassing these plans is a better way to go. Not following along. i understand those rulers at any point in time could kill tons of people. Right now i refuse to believe US armed forces would act on their own people and families. I guess if they got protection they would , same for the police...but right now I try to focus on positive developments for the future and educate people about those ideas. So maybe with any kind of luck people playing the funny money game and political charades will seek higher ideas with their vote and money. I don't know..
Who knows ?.

Just trying to spread a " microwave" of thoughts. So maybe we'll see these ideas in practice on a macro level.

I don't understand why people, groups, organizations never address the system of operation as a whole. systematically going through the the many lawyers that allows for our society to operate. What keeps the gears turning. Everything we do or use and the cost of it all. Energy puts a cost on everything. Transportation, shipping, cost of operating, making goods, running machines, powering your home, growing food, shipping food. Storing food, chemicals we use, powering cars... and so on..It all needs energy. I would say addressing energy is step one of many. Address unused as well as outdated energy methods. The cost of living is basically nothing more than energy constraint or a raising cost of as well as artificial scarcity of. Not to mention how contemporary values among our culture and how those values create an artificial cost of living and a verity of problems.
Uneducated consumerism or materialism..Waste or over production that just gets tossed out..meaning the many tons of product and food we just throw out or misuse or don't recycle. Nor do we have the necessary updated facilitates built to even recycle waste in the first place. I will never understand why we can't just give way over produced goods. Yeah let's just tossed it out. fking morons.
Stupidity is what i call it. Waste has value. Can be reused or given to people. Reproduce goods and lowering the cost. As well as produce energy. Putting more money in people's pockets. Money they no longer have to spend. . Money is a fucking joke.


In reality the cost of living at this point in time is a complete fabrication when you incorporate into the argument what we are now able or capable of or have the technological capability of doing. Innovating how we operate.
Like going from bows to guns. Rubbing sticks for fire to lighters or matches.
Use other forms of energy that will not have or have a much lower cost to consume. Only cost really being the needed resources to construct the newer methods. We can use the same advancements for agriculture, travel, housing, education, public transportation systems, air travel, boats....

No i don't mean GMO.. GMO is not a technology it's a mistake is what it is.
As far as agriculture i'm talking vertical farms. Built right on top or next to your local grocery stores, your apartment complex, your schools, your house, in down-up or mid-town where ever you live. These farms would grow natural product all year round no issues with seasons changes.

If something like a vertical farm plan was drawn up, wish it already is. Used around this country and/or planet it would cut the middle man costs. Lower shipping cost, packaging. Get rid of chemical cost, heavy equipment cost and yes labor cost. Vertical farms can basically operate on their own. If we really wanted to we could run, harvest and plant food from our ipods/cell phones.

Ok so now these Farms or buildings need energy. well take your pick on future ideas of energy. That don't pollute the planet and destroy land, affect people's health. Long list of alternative's that work. I hate to break it to big oil and coal. Your services are no longer needed.

Once you lower the cost of living people will no longer have to spend or earn as much money. Meaning their pay checks can now cover the cost of living and business's won't need to make as much money or profit and spend less to operate and can pay employees less or more because everything is updated and cheap. Like it was back in the mid 1900's and earlier. Go get a hot dog, fries and soda for .25 cents.

I want to add water shortage into this rant. People add that thought to cost. There is no water shortage. This planet is 71-72% water. All of which can be used. I know, i know... salt..
If we stop polluting the god dam ocean all that water can be treated, filtered and used. Desalination process and still being advanced

Technology is wonderful thing. If used properly. The world could be a wonderful place if managed properly.
end of rant for now.



It's important for us to better understand and to examine the language used to represent technology. When bringing or mentioning the topics of technology and science, some people have a thought stuck in their mind that technology and science has created much harm to the world. When in fact it not technology or the method of science that has created this harm but the user or creator. What is important to think about or recognize when it comes to technology and science is the context or purpose the given technology or study is used and/or created under or for. Technology is just an object. Like a firearm or toilet paper, matches. The harm being produced all depends on the user or the creator. Kids can throw toilet paper at people houses and tree's but is not the toilet paper that is creating the harm. The human interaction with that object is what is important to think about. This is extremely important to understand. So we can better represent technology and science as being a tool or element available to us that can solve problems and improve the lives of people. The challenge for the scientific community in the near future is to develop methods of presenting science and technology in a language easily understood by those less familiar with the scientific method. This might be accomplished through films, videos, books, Cd's and the many art forms, which could help bridge the difference between science and ignorance.

I'm glad people are standing up for changes. I wish these groups would study and look into something more then wages and worker rights. Payed Holiday? Is that the extent of our ideas? Workers also need training for future jobs or a way of operation. Hands on training for construction work that will have a positive ripple affect of the cost of living. It should occur to people..you need to find a better job, training or work with projects that will help with the cost of living. Vertical farm contraction, solar, wind projects, rebuild abandoned homes and apartment complexes. stalk that housing as your own. I'm for changing the system not working within it.. Be apart of something other then a simple job.

I would get behind a group of people that have a hard time paying bills that get together and rebuild housing that's just sitting around. I would say for rebuilding these homes and apartments you get to live there and have your own place to stay. No taxes, no bills on the housing. You fixed it you get to live in it. Cutting the housing cost of families would greatly increase their income because their not spending money they earned. I can think within a money system to. I have idea's for a money system, but i support removing it all together. Instead of wage raises cut the cost of living down with innovative idea's and community work. Don't work for big businesses work for yourselves.

Links to important info:
:Jacque Fresco-Conscription of War Industries, Social Protest-Oct 9, 2011 (Repository)
:Paradise or Oblivion (TVP)
:Economic Calculation in a Natural Law / RBE, Peter Joseph, The Zeitgeist Movement, Berlin
:A Conversation with Jacque Fresco
:Time for Change
:The Venus Project - Global
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