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We are the 99 percent


Hi, call me Nate, here is a a quick bio:
I was outraged last year when I had heard about the media blackout of OWS, and went bonkers about it... Everyone told me to chill, it isn't important, it's just a bunch of dead beat hippies and college students (funny enough, I basically am, just underemployed)..
Then last night I learnt about the red shield bank and everything that has transgressed because of them, and as I can see the cause-and-effect of things, it all became clear, so very very vivid, the web of the mess is huge, it is so tangled it can't be fixed except by God or just a big reboot of the system.

I live in Delton, a Christian, I like permaculture, am a geek, I like steampunk, and think that our nation can be saved, we just need to band together (I'm thinking transition towns) to do it, and it isn't just the rich americans fault, they just did things better than the rest of corporate America and got where they are the hard way, now they are in chains most people can't see.

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