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We are the 99 percent


I'm a Midwestern American who is sympathetic to many of the objectives of the OWS movement. I am a veteran who was stripped of his pilot's license and medically discharged because of a worsening birth defect that threatens my quality of life, and am unable to receive private healthcare as a result of being barred from health coverage by insurance companies based on my "preexisting condition."

It's hard to argue that my birth defect is anything other that preexisting, as I was born with it, but does being born with a lame heart disqualify me from me the same privileges and quality of life that so many others in this great country enjoy? I say no.

My family and I are in bankruptcy, our house has been foreclosed through no fault of our own. Erosion anomalies have cause the cliff at the rear of our property to erode directly into our back yard, threatening the collapse of our former home off the side of a forty foot cliff. The city and state refused to act on our behalf, and our property turned worthless. With a house and property worth exactly zero dollars, we lost our lifetime investment.

If there is anybody who could claim to be part of the "99%," I'd like to think it is me.

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