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We are the 99 percent


Please make certain everyone knows why they are there....to get Corporations out of the pockets of politicians and make America, once again, For The People By The People....Some are being interviewed and giving the impression that they are there and do not know why.. Many seem to think it is all about Wall Street but it goes so much more deeper than that.. I have a prime example of the problem here along the Gulf Coast. We experienced BP telling those that were suppose to be in authority what they would and would not do. They were told to not use the Corexit dispersant and they told the EPA NO... The boss of the EPA is Obama. It became a police state here and our rights to take photos and film were violated left and right. They obviously had something to hide and will never be prosecuted for killing all the people they have killed and made ill. Not to mention the people they put out of work and the folks who had to move in order to get well. We have a Corp America and the politicians do anything they say. This has to stop.
Here is a web site that can help you understand your rights as a protester or in daily life. http://www.flexyourrights.org/

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