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We are the 99 percent


WORLD REVOLUTION is the Marxist concept of overthrowing capitalism in all countries through the conscious revolutionary action of the organized working class. In many Marxist schools, such as Trotskyism, the essentially international character of the class struggle and the necessity of global scope are critical elements and a chief explanation of the failure of socialism in one country. The end goal is to achieve world socialism, and later, stateless communism.

'World Revolution' @ Wikipedia


What is wrong with you people? The answer to our problems is World Communism? How many of your families would be ashamed you, to find out the fact you march on the soil of the USA, in a call for Stateless, Worldwide COMMUNISM?
All of you should be ashamed.

How can one speak of amending the U.S. Constitution within a movement that calls for World Revolution?
If such an asinine disaster is successful, the Constitution of the United States would no longer exist to amend or to uphold any amendments.

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