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We are the 99 percent


Equal Opportunity in America is something that has been being quietly steamrolled in an evolving aristocracy and oligarchy with an agenda of “corporatocracy”.
“Of the people, By the people, For the people” has been gradually and successfully lulled into near non-existence except in token forms as a means to keep “We the people” quiet and pacified.
The American economic, political and legislative agendas have been devolving and failing the majority for the last decade, at the hands of an elite few, who have long persisted in manipulating our system into unbalanced and inequitable laws and codes that favor those like themselves.
Could it be that “our system” has quietly and gradually been devolving into a system that, unbeknownst to most, is becoming vaguely familiar to one practiced much more openly in India, the “Cast System”?
Across-the-board tax and economic legislation that affect the wealth-based, working Americans and the assistance-based in a manner equitable to their level of income and assets is a necessity now more than ever. Because now, in this country, the Middle Class is loosing ground at lightning speed and “equal opportunity” is more and more only available to those who have the money/collateral or political/social connections to gain access to that “equal opportunity”. From establishing independent businesses and home ownership to healthcare/insurance to the majority who possess the financial and influential means to run for political office, it is all slipping away from all but a very few in the top income brackets.
The necessary changes will never be popular, but the alternative will be the same many countries run by those with an empire mentality have seen, as recorded in history over and over.
Pass legislation that creates cost-of-living wages, not minimum wages.
Pass legislation to reward corporations for investing in research, development and manufacturing
jobs instead of the hiring of MBA salaried personnel.
Pass legislation that taxes any form of subsidy/paid-for health care insurance premiums for anyone.
Pass legislation to require foreigners who hold U.S. investments, to pay income taxes on the earnings at the same rates as U.S. residents with comparable incomes pay.
Pass legislation scaling back the tax breaks corporations get under the NOL (Net Operating Loss) deductions.
Enact legislation eliminating the income cap for income tax; tax everyone in all income levels.
Enact legislation repealing the virtually unlimited deduction for interest on corporate debt.
End tax subsidies for companies that eliminate jobs in the U.S. and create jobs in offshore possessions.
End deductions for corporate executive pay.
Pass legislation ending members of Congress the ability to draw larger pensions than their final salaries.
Enact more progressive Social Security taxes with the top 10% of the wealthy ineligible to draw on SS at retirement age.
Enact legislation applying the provisions of drug-forfeiture laws to economic crimes.
Enact a Health Tax: Add $1on a pack of tobacco, bottle of liquor or wine and 6 pack/pint of beer.
Enact a Graduated Fuel Tax: Starting at a high of $3 per gal of gas/diesel for all private/personal large trucks, SUV’s, recreational vehicles, boats and decreasing to $1 for compact cars; fuel stations establishing separate islands with the appropriate tax for these vehicles.
Enact an Entertainment Tax: Add $1 per ticket on all theater productions, movies, plays, operas, all pro sports events, all pay-per-view cable & satellite programs and all premium choice cable & satellite television programming.
Eliminate State & Federal Income Taxes and replace with a 10% Federal Sales Tax on ALL goods & services, a 7% State Sales Tax on ALL goods & services and a 4% Municiple Sales Tax on ALL goods & services.
Enact an additional Real Property Tax: Add $1 per $1000 of assessed value on all real estate fair market valued over $1,000,000.
Enact a Graduated Excise Tax: $10 - $25 per $1000 of assessed value on all vehicles compact to truck/SUV respectively.
Enact a Savings & Holdings Tax: Add 2% annually on all savings, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and investment vehicles of any kind - national and international - in excess of $1,000,000 per individual.
Legislate Government Salary Reductions: 5% salary reductions for all local, county, state and federal legislators and employees earning above $70,000 gross annual income.
Enact legislation preventing the top 25% of the wealthy access to all government subsidized loans (SBA, Student, etc.) for building/rebuilding residential/business dwellings, education, etc.

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