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We are the 99 percent



If I have you're attention,

I would like to say that I LOVE the occupy movement.

We need people OUT and making a scene,

because the world is very warped right now!

Financially, yes,
but on the whole,
the globe is being poisoned,
ruining the future of every person YET TO BE BORN- violating human rights present and future.

And it is tough to stop because most developed systems have made people dependent on food and energy from ALL OVER, and on food and energy that exacerbate problems such as inequality and environmental damage.

Industrial capitalism has become people's life support system. People's life support systems have become systems of injustice.

My vision is one that addresses all the symptoms of earth's systematic issue that is industrial civilization.

Create rural & transitioned urban communities that are entirely autonomous, though deeply connected,
as an alternative,
as a resistance
and as a means of healing industrial abuse.

If this resonates,
either positively or not,

then click this link for a bigger explanation of what I am working to create: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgTFYTOhSC0

I would love your help, even if it is criticism!

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