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We are the 99 percent


I'm in Amsterdam, Holland. Heard about Occupy Wall St only moments ago. Wish I were with you guys right now.

I love America and hate Corporate Politics. It's ruined the fun and is causing suffering.

Dick Cheney and Silverstein own 9/11. They belong in the jail PNAC is building for you. I pass the Amsterdam Bilderberg hotel daily on my way to the guitar shop where I work. The cabal is everywhere you look.

Well I do love my American guitar.

I support "Occupy Wall Street". The corporations have enslaved the formerly free world.

Collective debt has become unsurmountable. And debt, to whom, one might ask.

I guess it's the Federal Reserve in the end. If this continues the world will run out of printing ink someday. We'll know that day is imminent when protest stops as ink too gets commandeered from the people. Hey, that's us.

Thumbs up to Occupy Wall Street,

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