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We are the 99 percent


what about ending the fed and going back to a gold standard and requiring public employees like police and government be accountable to the people that elected them and if they dont do they're job they should be removed they are public employees which means we pay them and they work for us just like cities and states are public properties and we shouldnt be removed or hurt if we protest on public properties we pay for! and finally when the people vote for something no government branch (once again public employees) shall be able to undermine or send to a supreme court to be overturned 7 judges cant make decisions for us on things that have already been voted on nor any publicly elected officials should have any right to vetoe the peoples rights or votes.no amendments shall be made to our constitution or bill of rights without vote by all Americans. get us out of NAFTA and the U.N. immediately and all infringements of our rights stop here now.we should not have to petition or gain a permit to address our grievances to protest is instrumental to a healthy country. one more is not allowing anybody in our government to start a war at all without our vote the peoples vote!

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