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I've been fortunate to spend 8 hrs since 6:30 am watching the live feed and chat. It would really do you guys a favor by coordinating with the moderators of the live feed and the live chat. Have some consistency. There are questions that are continually being asked and not answered on the chat. Post a FAQ page on the chat linking to this site every 15 minutes. The moderators are all over the place with their standards. InfinityCircle has done the best job so far and could be the standard for the rest. Its not cool to post your medical issues on the Moderator chat and expect others not to follow suit with inconsequential info that needs to be read to help support the occupation. This is a serious job and should be given to those qualified to carry out the responsibility. So too the folks who speak into the camera. Have some sort of consistency with sharing information, Hold a sign that sends people to this website and can read the FAQ page. Giving an update on the day's plans could be shared on the beginning of every hour. Remember those who have the money to fund this revolution will expect some sort of responsibility on disseminating information effectively. This is more than a hippy love in and we need you to hold fast for as long as you can so we in our home cities can mobilize. Keep up the great work!! In solidarity from the Twin Cities! +D

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