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#CascadiaNow? @CascadiaNow!

Posted 9 months ago on March 20, 2014, 12:06 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: Solidarity, Cascadia

This article was written by @TysonKelsall and originally published at Over The Edge. We're reposting because Cascadia is the future. Stay in the loop. - OSN

There is a separatist movement building slowly in the Pacific Northwest. Its speed reflects the pace of the people outside of its metropolitan centers.

It is not your typical movement based on the right and left spectrum, nor is it necessarily about protecting a certain culture. More so, it is about creating one, building off the foundation of what already goes on in the westernmost bioregion. It is about decentralizing two governments that seem to disregard what the population wants on the West Coast. The movement calls for a new sovereign state: Cascadia.

The map is not perfect yet. To some it stretches from Northern California to the Alaskan Panhandle. For Cathasaigh Ó Corcráin, co-editor of underground journal Autonomy Cascadia: A Journal of Bioregional Decolonization, since Cascadia is based largely on ecological designs its borders would reflect that, more so than current political ones. Corcráin, following Dr. David McCloskey’s influence, says that watersheds should dictate Cascadia’s region. For example, he uses the Alsek River in the Alaska and Yukon as the northernmost border, and the Klamath River as the southernmost. He also points to the importance of sharing the Salish Sea. Others include Idaho or use current political borders.

Flowing from that, Corcráin also sees the focus of bioregionalism as challenging the current way we associate ourselves with the land. Bioregionalism, as defined by Brandon Letsinger, founder of the Cascadian Independence Project and manager of Cascadia Now’s web presence, is “a way to reframe and rethink a lot of the boundaries and borders on this region to better represent economic, political, social and environmental realities.” Corcráin, who traveled around theoretical Cascadia when filming Occupied Cascadia, says that he also noticed many similarities to communities around the region who shared similar relationships with natural resources and surroundings. For example, a logging community in rural Washington likely shares many cultural characteristics as a logging community in rural northern British Columbia. Furthermore, Corcráin points to that fact that Cascadia is a very wild place, and the wilderness is rugged and “in your face, hard to ignore.” Letsinger said that Cascadia is the birthplace of the idea of bioregionalism. Further, Cascadia has much of its ecological systems still intact relative to the rest of North America.

In 2004, there was the creation of the Cascadian Cup; an intense soccer competition between the Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers and the Vancouver Whitecaps. Perhaps, if Cascadia ever were to form, the Vancouver Canucks would change their name to the Vancouver Cascadians and have an entire nation behind them. Maybe then, they could finally win a cup. Letsinger says that Washington state residents are the only state to tune in and cheer for the Canucks. He says the same can be said for British Columbians and the Seahawks. In 2011, the “Republic of Cascadia” made it onto a Times Magazine list as number 8 of the Top 10 Aspiring Nations, which, despite the journalist’s throw-in that Cascadia “little chance of ever becoming a reality,” maybe it is just the beginning.

Many British Columbians have probably inadvertently seen Cascadia’s flag, amicably nicknamed the “Doug Flag,” as it has made its way onto the packaging of one of Victoria’s most popular brews, Blue Buck. The Doug Flag depicts a Douglas Fir over a typical horizontal tri-colour flag. The three colours, blue, white, and green, represent the bioregion of Cascadia. The blue is for our ocean, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water; the white for our snow-capped mountain ranges and glaciers; and the green for our lush forests.

The environment is a key factor in any movement towards Cascadia. Letsinger points’ to the 1970s novel Ecotopia, where a country formed by Washington, Oregon, and northern California is a different sort of place, with a sustainable and socially just foundation. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, PhD, associate professor of Public Administration and Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Victoria, sees similar outlooks and values on the environment throughout what some call Cascadia. British Columbia and Washington have similar ecosystems; as both Letsinger and Corcráin point out, an oil spill in the Salish Sea, or, Puget Sound is going to transcend a man-made border. Brunet-Jailly adds that Cascadia, or, the Pacific Northwest consists of a culture very engaged with the sea.

Letsinger sees growing support for Cascadia. He points to lack of other alternatives and general unhappiness when it comes to the Canadian and American federal governments. He sees this largely due to the fact that Cascadia focuses on positives and a new, untainted prospect. According to Letsinger, Cascadia Now is in direct communication with 10-15,000 people and also acknowledges the many social media groups with 1000s of followers surrounding the idea of Cascadia. Corcráin agrees, saying that he himself has seen the idea of Cascadia grow since he was first involved. He agrees that Cascadia comes without “ideological baggage,” and says that the WTO protests of 1999 were a re-awakening of the bioregional movement in Cascadia, previously being popular in the 80s. He also points to the bankruptcy of some Oregon counties, stating that economic collapse can be tragic, but it can also lead to opportunity for something new; and that through this, change is on people’s mind in a very basic and practical way.

Going further down the road of politics, of course colonialism and unceded lands in Cascadia would still exist if the moment of independence were right now. So, what could be done about this? What does decolonization look like in an independence movement? As a comparison, the Mohawk population in Quebec says they will hold their own referendum for independence if Quebec wins theirs. Alternatively, Corcráin views a tenant of decolonization as looking at how a colonial power dominated local governance, and sees the potential separation of Cascadia as being Indigenous-led, settler supported. To him, it would be interesting to see how traditional laws can be applied to a modern region with a settler majority. Part of this may be the ability to move throughout the Cascadia bioregion unimpeded by borders. Is there potential in seeing how Cascadia could play to fair land title and rights compared with British Columbia, Canada, and America, all of whom have failed to do so?

Some say Cascadia is a chance to break the old, traditional left-versus-right spectrum. Letsinger argues that it is not a red-versus-blue issue, but one of empowering communities. He says that there has been some energy in Cascadia behind a “progressive libertarian” movement. Is localizing the economy really a right or left argument? Are many people in Cascadia really chasing corporatism as a political ideology? Of course, mix in the Cascadian respect for the environment, and the political landscape starts to unfold. Letsinger points out transparency and real democracy as important tenants to Cascadia; he says the question then becomes “why are we not doing this?” when we consider the “dirty corruption” and limited democracy currently in Canada and America. He says Cascadians are further united by a love of place. He claims that none of these things are attainable within the current system.

So, is a sovereign, but undefined Cascadia possible? Letsinger says surely, and that the foundation is already being built. Brunet-Jailly says the idea of a country is too far-fetched and not something he considers, but does see much cooperation across the British Columbia and Washington border. For example, when BC-based officials were concerned that Americans would not attend the Vancouver Olympic Games, the two sides came up with an enhanced driver’s license so that border crossing would be easier, which Brunet-Jailly states is an incredibly complex process. Letsinger uses the renaming of the Salish Sea as an example, breaking down cross-border division that had an arbitrary meaning at best. Only time will give clear definition to Cascadia.



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[-] 1 points by Krokodil (3) 8 months ago

The Wasteland

There is to be no future I walk, with my eyes bent No lingering Shamaan I see nothing precious I go to the wasteland Nothing pretty I look at my legs Not strong

I am simple with my magic To cure people

I am tired of hiding from myself I am not pleased with my smile

I smile at the sky What is this dark man doing

He asks for a simple life

Get a job

I don’t know about marriage… It, keeps you so safe, she says… From what!? I say in surprise I am not a man, I say to myself She says, I know no expression And she is incredulous… Why, won’t she leave me alone… I say, wondering to myself

She leaves, and says what does she need that money for

A Shamaan fights to the end of his life There are vehement people here

They are my family And I love them dearly


You must stay away from the Roman Empire. It is embodied in the church. Running Bear. California.

[-] 1 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago

Amandla. Freedom of pain from the oppressor. OTEP.

[-] 1 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago

Do we have a place to play?

[-] 1 points by occupycampbellco (34) from Newport, KY 8 months ago

Is this like an Occupy version of the Free State Project? I'm thinking the Midwest would be a good place for it.

[-] 1 points by Applefriday (5) 8 months ago

Statement (From Occupy Wall Street)

My, Lord..., is gentle. We are not a Satanic group. You would like to believe that. Men do more here than they could. We are very proud of them. I cannot relax over this Malaysian thing. The war in Ukraine must end... You must protest! There is to be an end to war in this place. You ask for no war, with an atom bomb. You come through with it.

We only know love here, in this place. My brethren, are being ripped apart in Africa. And the powers that be want to move there. Is land not sacrosanct? It is a question. It is spoken with love... My wife, ignores me. It says this organization is weird.

I do not... leave my Lord God. People are pretty frightened here. They don't know how to protest against the atom bomb. We don't want it for any people. You look at me, and only want to know who I am. There is an issue here.

We are not dogs and demons.

A paroxysm of faith - "We are small here. We don't know to climb buildings. Maybe they are not there. I, am kept quiet, to myself! No rage, over me. Airlines. Are no good for us. We grieve too much. They find us. And say we are dead... My spirit lives on..." And that is the atom bomb.


[-] 1 points by Applefriday (5) 8 months ago

Okay. Let me think about this. Scott Olsen. They shot him in the head. They gave him...some money. This is merciless this. We need to be corrupted.

[-] 1 points by Applefriday (5) 8 months ago

People are coming into houses now. There must be no hesitation. If you have any kind of politician. Use him.

[-] 1 points by Applefriday (5) 8 months ago

Blood is being spilt. We, call... For ACTION now...

[-] 1 points by JohnSmallJones (2) 9 months ago

Please keep posted.


[-] 0 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago


[Look back]

[-] 0 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago


Where, I am from. They killed lions there, as if they were on display. I am not dead yet, said the lion / lions. Besparing.

They fed a Giraffe to the new lions.

People are kept in zoos in this place, so they don't help the animals.

Canada... What, do you know about snow? So, you cannot battle in it...

Parents take care of this. You do not look at children.

[-] 0 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago

Man In The Moon


Besparing. It means sauvant. All-knowing. The family is split.

My family is friends.

My Father... left me to the wolves. But a family picked me up. Besparing.

She-wolf. Old term... Algebraic. Life is alphabetical.

Sauvant is not known here...

In God I Trust. Five dollar bill... There is no doubt.

And that... the conversation.

Besparing. Is to be inflicted. I breathe... Bezuinining. Cuts. Interpretation.

There is no Christian in this world. It has been swept away. I hug... there is no emotion. America, has lost feeling!

Besparing. The Sensitive. We are not known. We watch for evil people.

A mechanic... comes to a people. He says strong words. He interferes with words. A good wind... I touch the car. It touches me... It touches me, again. My grasp says it is not my clothes. I have to be still.


"Love, feeds and sustains. This is no pretend time. We, are not allowed... to have FRIENDS."

We worry about anti-indgents.

I pick up the head of the dog.

I must be gentle with you. I am not anti-genderism. God is powerful... It is distinct.

Equus... They must not breathe.



Scimitar Coven

Sexual fantasy. I don't need medicine. It is not to be explained. I am out the side of the street.

Bad thing, for God.

We, are the, road. I keep to my shadows. Pilots, enforce error... I try to reach some conclusion.

It is changed from hands. I drink some orange juice. It is no challenge this.

Do not seek conscription.

(SlipKnot - Rooster)



I do not know this man. He seems to be growling at me. Ted Cruz... A vicious man. Once, had children. Now, he is MAGIC.

Wizardry... is not to be acclaimed. You,... know how deadly this man is.

[-] 0 points by JohnSmallJones (2) 9 months ago

I live with my mother, and other members of my family... We, are really scared of the atom bomb. You guys... don't seem to notice it. And that is where I get worried. Because, nobody cares. You all want to get your boots on, and stamp us into the ground. I protect my house. You come in anyway. I do not know why you do not ask permission. Because you have the law on your side.

That is why so many young people, lead this protest. And yet, I do not see them. I see a bunch of old farts. (I hope that word is permissible.)

I see a plane (Poseidon) go out from Australia. Is it to go pick up children? I guess not. (We are trying to protect children here.)

I like the man's comment.

Anyway,... I am looking back at Houston now. (I hope they don't take the media off.) Houston. They took some of our guys... Saying that PVC was a criminal instrument. I guess that is true. They are facing criminal charges. (Support them.)

This is where it gets... I don't know what. We start a protest group, and it is not called protest.

It is called criminal. I wait all day for this. Where are the lawyers to support us? (I guess they know one thing. Money.)

This is a call for lawyers.

[Get back to me. Follow the excursions of the white people...]

Okay. The next one. The hard one. I hope some of you are listening to me out there. FBI, turns their nose at danger to people.

They did that! I don't believe it. I don't believe this news. I don't believe this article.

I like the first guy's comment. I hope he goes down on me.

And then, we go to Syria. Not, our war. We go to Iraq. Was not our war. I don't know what is happening now.

I guess I am gong on vacation. One more comment. Don't blow up the world. Most of it, does not want it.

We stare at you. The Ozone Layer speaks volumes...

I want the world not destroyed.

(My mother gets dark... She asks me to go to a Monastery...)

We shall remain leaderless. Good luck with your thoughts, you weird shamans from Scandinavians... Whatever! GL NY.

NE - the Lord

This is from a random computer. Good luck, with that too... (The Leader)


Australia. Is a small place. I am from there. I hope you find me. While you go to the moon, we... think of small things.

The world is going too fast, and you know it. Nothing much I can do about it. I hope you look it up.

Bible. Verses, I don't know what.

[-] 0 points by johnswift (3) 9 months ago

I protect my family. I don’t know why I say this. Wow. They don’t say much about plastics, but we know it pollutes. What other information is there?

We have no babies here. We only know love… Love is a very good thing to have. How did the Audit go? It goes like this… And, that is where it ends. My family is very together. And, we complain all the time. There is no time for atom bombs… But, we want to end pollution. Can, that be done?

I look up some more on it. This is the big one. The Amazon: Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (taken as the year 1750), the burning of fossil fuels and extensive clearing of native forests has contributed to a 40% increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels. Isn’t that where fuel comes in? I know it does not refer… I lose my train of thought. (We have suffered greatly here, with the introduction of medicines. That is why I am fighting the Nuclear lobby.) Anyway, fossil fuels… It is the cause of a lot of pollution. It doesn’t speak to how plastics are made. So, I do not understand that. And this is Wikipedia! Also, a vicious thing. I think those guys outside of the country, deserve to be there. Snowden, and the other one. I don’t care about them. And, I am sure that my family does not care about them. Why does Snowden come on, with the Constitution? Nobody believes in that stuff anyway. Take this too heart. It is a pretty evil thing. I will point it out. We see with eyes. The public is not blind. And I am sure you will see it too. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” I know you are an old man, but I know you are true. My mother says I am a white supremacist… Ha ha. Oh well. We are not careless. (We wonder about the therapist now.)

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ——

(I don’t know what to do. How can a government have so much influence over us? It is not about consumables. It is about more than that. Why, did you lose so badly against Gingrich? It is not because you are old. You know your responsibility. Occupy Wall Street is coming out against business. That is what we want. We want the electric companies to switch it off. Read the above. The parts about the Constitution. It was not made by the good people here. (We suffer from medical problems. What do we do about the doctor? We go to the doctor, he orders us around. Where is the consumable in that?) I know you… Anyway, I wish you luck out there.


A sovereign state is a nonphysical juridical entity of the international legal system that is represented by a centralized government that has supreme independent authority over a geographic area.

This is quoted from the Wikipedia. I do not understand it. It looks like it is what England is. Please explore it.

“This is called from the States of America.” I don’t know what that means. If a religious entity is such… Is there no protection in outside countries?

…I look up Sussex. In one part it says it is a religious term. And in the other, it is geographical. There is no explanation to it… I have to hesitate.

to refer to people of British Isles descent in The Americas

This… is the explanation to the English people. There were Saxons there. So, I don’t know where this term comes from. This is a very strange thing to me. There is no real origin of… the English people.

These are a people, a very bad people. They are far removed into the Americas. I do not understand it. I see no religion here.

Why study Religion at Hull? Although the old beggar's litany linked Hull with Hell rather than Heaven, one cannot walk far through its streets without encountering the vital role religion has played here.

Holy Trinity, the largest parish church in England, and the imposing Minster in nearby Beverley, testify to the vitality of medieval Christianity. As a radical Protestant city, Hull closed its gates on King Charles I and started the Civil War. While on evangelical Christian principles, its 19th-century Member of Parliament William Wilberforce successfully campaigned against the slave trade. Today, the city is host to a variety of faiths reflecting Britain's wider multi-cultural society.

The Study of Religion/Theology at Hull has a proud and long history and has been taught at the University since just after the Second World War. The Department can pride itself with distinguished former members such as R.N. Whybray (Old Testament), A.T. Hanson (New Testament and the early Church), and James Atkinson (Reformation). Continuing this tradition of excellence, today's staff covers a broad range of topics, from Indian religions, the Judaeo-Christian tradition, Islam, to the relationship between religion, popular culture, and media.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. —— It sounds like a ticket to ride, to do what you want. I can’t see it any different.

We know language to be by grunts and graws. I think that cowardice led this. And I think that Scotland, let these people out…

How can you name a people after it’s language? That just does not make sense to me. How is a people named?

The Western Civilization is far more advanced than the rest of the world. And I ask my question? How.

We are a natural folk. Used to easy things. (I do not even know the language I now use. Language is felt…)

Orci is the name of their god.

I am Chrisitan, true. Wikipedia is being paid by someone to do this. I see no reference to profit in the organization, and I don’t know who to send this to!

They believe in ruining the world. “The sum of knowledge.” What is that?

Names… by association. I am just about ready to give up on this thing. The English language cannot be understood. I prefer grunts and graws. I do not understand this medieval stuff. They wandered around. Guilty by association. What is that? All I know, is that wiki means witch.

How… is God. So, we reach things with God’s help. These people do not seem to need any help. I say the word seem. There is not word seem in ancient languages. And this is all I know. Ancient. As if something is gone??

Seer. Pete.

They are not waiting to see.

This is grounds for revolution. Everywhere.

The language goes before us (English.) We have no leaders.

What does that mean? (Implication.)

They say war, they say it.