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Anonymous Call to Action: #Nov5th 2013 — the Lion Sleeps No More

Posted 1 year ago on July 16, 2013, 10:15 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: solidarity, anonymous, call to action, austerity

Two years ago last weekend Adbusters published the original OWS blog post, and the first operational OWS campaign site was set up on reddit.com. Two years ago we began a campaign to announce that the people of the world were directly entering the global political narrative and that we have no intention of ever leaving. We are still here – battered & scarred we may be, but ‘Occupy!’ is still a vibrant global call for an exploited humanity. The time is ripe for revolution.

Greetings world. We are anonymous. We are the people.

Governments of the world: take this message as your last will and testament. The game is officially over. Social media has given birth to something new. Now it's time to set the record straight. This video is intended as that spark that gets delivered straight into the hearts and minds of the world. This video is an idea – a shared idea – so listen very carefully and make sure you are sitting down.

On the 5th of November 2013, Anonymous call for a day of global civil disobedience. This time we target all government facilities across the globe. Calling all free thinkers: the time for civil disobedience is now. This time it also seems unions from around the world are supporting this action. The lion sleeps no more. Ask yourself this: where will you be when we make history? November 5th, 2013. Worldwide. Now it's a vendetta. Now it's personal. Now it's time to occupy everywhere. It's time to throw everything we have at November 5th. It's time to relight the flame of protest until our demands are met. Now it's time for our brothers and sisters of the awakening to take to the streets. Austerity means war.

Here's to the dreamers, the one's that stand for human freedom, the Occupiers, the people that change things. It's about solidarity, but more than that, it's about the people, the people we meet, the people of the world standing together for a common goal. Concerned by numerous ecological and social problems, we stand united. As long as there are young and idealist people that share the views of ultimate human freedom, there will always be hope for the world.

We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. On November 5th, 2013: EXPECT US.

Anon masks



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[-] 4 points by KarenLevin (10) from New York, NY 1 year ago

ZenDog: What is wrong? Why are you so angry? The Occupy movement is one of respect; it's what drew me to it in the first place. Please try to understand that we are about helping The People - the one's who matter - like you.


[-] 0 points by MatthewHope (0) 1 year ago

Occupy is a socialist protest based on the Marxist tradition. This brings many good things on the table, but also brings bad Marxist habits like censorship and lack of transparency. These are bad aspects of Occupy we need to improve on. That's true.

I disagree with your call for bloodshed. I believe non-violence is what we need. In another comment here, you stated you wished to commit serial murder and that it would be fun. I think you need to clean your heart before you engage in participation with Occupy. Your rage is understood, but it needs to be channeled appropriately. Violence is not the way to a more prosperous future.

If you disagree with a few Occupy principles, then you should openly complain in an effort to change the protest. If you disagree with most Occupy principles, then you should find a protest or movement which you feel more at home with.

Occupy was always based on anarchic principles. That's not the problem. That's what made the protest grow so quickly in the beginning. The problem is the people who come to Occupy hoping it's another rally movement for the Democrats, and then complain that it's not. Occupy doesn't play into politics. Those people should simply form a movement which advocates what they want. If you went to a gay wedding and complained about homosexuality, you would be in the wrong place, it wouldn't be for the wedding to change.

Considering all your comments on this page, I would venture to say that you are a right wing shill sent here to attack Occupy. This is an assumption, an opinion, nothing more. Your call for serial murder is particularly frightening, and my hope is that it's due to you stopping your medication. If that's the case, I hope you can quickly return to using your prescription as was prescribed by your physician.


[-] 1 points by itsmyblood (10) 1 year ago

it is more aligned with concepts like anarcho-syndicalism than marxism.


[-] 1 points by WSmith (2431) from Cornelius, OR 1 year ago

KL, ZD does no speak for anyone but himself. His replies seem to be to some other, unknown, demons.

Much has been made of "respect" or "netiquette" but we are are all adults here, although some don't realize politics is harsh, profane, rude, insulting, deceptive, and generally requires our big girl/boy pants!

That said: Let's WTFU, get fucking mad, get UNITED and kick some fucking divide and conquer 1% fucking ASS!!

And remember, DEMOCRACY is not a spectator sport!!

Unite and Win!







[-] 0 points by AntiPoverty (-3) 1 year ago

We actually agree here. Place your name and face behind it! Then it has weight, it has meaning, it has integrity.

Stop removing the vandalism on this forum. Let it been seen. It's part of Occupy's legacy and history. A record of the lengths people will go to in order to prevent change. Stop trying to control everything.



[-] -2 points by badbud (-2) 1 year ago

Please don't soil the forum with profanity. We are all adults here, there is no need for kindergarten tactics. Let's give a good reputation to Occupy. You are able to express your opinions with clarity and politeness. You should be especially concerned when insulting an article from jart, the creator of this site. You could get banned.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 1 year ago

jart is anonymous ?

forums are for discussion

jart would not have volunteered the article elsewise

hope Nov 5 works out


[-] 0 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 1 year ago

I thought zen dog was a parody of me under delusion of grandeur

but I'm willing to accept him as just another freak dissonant

more plausible

threaten to kill people on the forum is not permitted


[-] 3 points by bigdog187 (47) 1 year ago

Quote: "Gandhi said, "Civil disobedience is the best disobedience". We have a message here, an engaging opportunity and we need to take it, civilly..."--Dr. Gene Sharp, PhD., President and Founder of The Albert Einstein Institute on the ending of The #War In Iraq

[-] 2 points by WSmith (2431) from Cornelius, OR 1 year ago

If we The People United, we'd get everything we wanted.

Tell everyone!

Unite and Win!

[-] -1 points by SouthernPoverty (-8) 1 year ago

This anon post and all nov5 crap on the web is a farse. It's designed to drum up activity. Let me list a few reasons.

  1. Create public support for the NSA programs
  2. Create public support for new regulatory legislation against freelancers on the web to protect the profits of big tech companies by creating a monopoly and pushing out individual developers with fees to big for freelancers to afford.
  3. Create hacking activity while DHS is looking so they have villains to present to the public, giving a face to "the bad men".

The entire thing is a load of horse shit.

[-] 2 points by KarenLevin (10) from New York, NY 1 year ago

Southern Poverty: Calm down. This is what has to happen for The People. We watch the world's People stand up and say no more -- They're waiting for us, patiently, because they know the anger of the American, and the might of our government. If you do not believe, do not come. But do take care of yourself.

[-] 1 points by WSmith (2431) from Cornelius, OR 1 year ago

Understand KL, plants, trolls, agent provocateurs pervade.


[-] 1 points by WSmith (2431) from Cornelius, OR 1 year ago


[-] 0 points by bigdog187 (47) 1 year ago

I don't necessarily share you sentiment, entirely, but I respect your right to express your opinion about the issue, and appreciate your contribution to the discussion here, all the best!

[-] -1 points by SouthernPoverty (-8) 1 year ago

Really? Could you think of a better false flag to drum up support for the NSA programs and SOAP or CISPA or whatever they're calling it now? I don't trust the intentions of anyone who is afraid to place their name or face behind what they do. It reeks of cowardice and dishonesty.

[-] 1 points by bigdog187 (47) 1 year ago

Good thought, let me add to our discussion with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PxEuYUUMJI&feature=share I'd like to know what you think after watching it. As I saw this earlier today, and have been re-reading the postings above I was reminded of a quote from the late great Harry Houdini who said, "While the trick is being done in your left hand, put the, "key" to it in your right."

[-] 3 points by magician (31) 1 year ago
[-] 2 points by JamesPEvanhoe (2) 1 year ago

Think You Know US Presidents? and Why Act UP? Who is Nixon, Clinton, Bushs, Obama, really? do you think you know them? Think again! In 1974, David Levitz and I started a Skateboard Company and product line that are all documented in the Movie "Lords of Dog Town". We ran the business out of Davids father's office, Sid Levitz had been the President of Levitz Furniture, the office was in La Costa a development north of San Diego, California. La Costa was built by Mobsters: Moe Dalitz and Allard Roen, the Las Vegas Mob. With the help of Frank Fitzsimmons and the Teamsters Pension Fund. From 1974 til 1976 I attended block parties, country club parties and skateboarded La Costa hills. One afternoon Moe Dalitz was having a block party on the street were his home was, which was across from Roen's house. Moe had just bought a Tour Bus, like the Rockers and Movie Stars have today, but this was 1974. A limousine shows up and pulls in front of the Tour Bus. As I watched the passenger door opens and out comes Richard M. Nixon. This would begin an odyssey by Nixon to La Costa. If he stayed over night he would stay up at Frank Fitzsimmons. Nixon was absolutely in his element, these guys were friends, no one called Nixon Mr President ever. There conversations, all of them smoking cigars, laughing. In the pecking order of things Nixon was not at the top Dalitz was, you could feel it. But how did these guys become such great friends, who did what for whom, and why hadn't the media exposed this, indeed why? The relationship these guys had, had to have started years earlier because of the ease of their conversations and actions..... The Mob and Richard M. Nixon, so you say you know Our Presidents I say most do not! Jim Evanhoe

[-] 2 points by KarenLevin (10) from New York, NY 1 year ago

Beautiful! I'm ready for Nov. 5th - as everyone should be, everywhere! Occupy Palm Beach County - from Palm Beach County, Florida.

[-] 1 points by JPJIMEVANHOE (1) 1 year ago

Occupy Wall Street is neither Leftwing or Marxists

its called living in a Democracy and having the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights....and standing up for both, that is exactly what Occupy Wall Street is, Freedom to express your opinions in an open society......GET IT!

[-] 1 points by Avalona22 (1) 1 year ago

Let's put down our masks and courageously face the changes that need to happen in our world. One living example of this is spiritual leader Gabriel of Urantia (http://gccalliance.org/resume/) who has suffered character assassination by mainstream media because he has courageously stepped out to tell it as it is. Let us not fear and hide any longer but live in hope of a new world coming.

[-] 1 points by itsmyblood (10) 1 year ago

my spider sense is tingling. i sense....revolution.

[-] 1 points by WSmith (2431) from Cornelius, OR 1 year ago

Let's Unite on November 5th, we have plenty of time to get things organized.

[-] 1 points by shadz66 (19985) 1 year ago

So, ''Why Aren't Americans Fighting Back ?'', by E. Douglas Kihn :

Well worth a cool, calm, collected consideration in the light of this News-Post !!

e tenebris, lux ...

[-] 2 points by WSmith (2431) from Cornelius, OR 1 year ago


ham sammy

People, if we just united we'd get everything we wanted.

Unite an Win!

[-] 1 points by JamesPEvanhoe (2) 1 year ago

part 2 "Act UP" AGAINST PUBLIC & Corporate CORRUPTION IT IS ABSOLUTELY DESTROY "OUR DEMOCRACY!" BUT FIRST THIS: When You travel the World you'll run into people and talk politics, finance, the weather, etc. But eventually you 'll hear the following from individuals you meet: WHY DO AMERICANS ALWAYS THINK THINGS JUST HAPPEN! when in truth there either Let to Happen or Created, They Don't Just Happen?
especially when it comes to WARS, How to quadruple oil prices through needless Bush Wars, how to keep certain drugs cartels in business that will work with corrupt agents from the the Bush Family and their banks, like those in Panama, HSBC, the CIA criminal agents, and yes the US Military Brass, for its the US Military Brass that controls the skies over Afghanistan. Afghan Heroin Drug Lords, which there are many, could not operate with such large distribution without the US Military Brass's approval. "Think Not Think Again," or maybe it just happens.
ANOTHER ASPECT: So, besides Charging and Convicting George HW Bush for Sedition, you need to charge and convict several executives at the Carlyle Group, and "Top" level executives from Goldman-Sachs, for the last 30 years of criminal activity such as Investor Fraud, Securities Fraud, etc, Executive & Partners to include: Henry Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein, and especially Dan Cook the III.
All will eventually face "Domestic Terrorist Charges" both "Social and Financial" and as stated yesterday it is My Opinion they have committed "Sedition" and in their cases what they did to our economy, our businesses, our homes, our savings, our investments, our children, our neighborhoods, our family, friends & neighbors, what they did is worth the penalty of Death.

JUST ONE ITEM: Here is One item of their Terrorism, unfolded for you to see how they accomplished, ripping US all off:

Goldman-Sachs Top Executives & Partners were somewhat divided in the beginning between supporting GHW Bush for a second term or Bill Clinton..... especially Dan Cook the III......... BUT SOON A CRIMINAL OPENING CAME ABOUT: Bill & Hillary Clinton were charged with crimes relating to their "White Water Real Estate Dealings" so in the Summer of 1995 Bill & Hillary Clinton changed their summer plans at Tahoe to travel and stay at Max C. Chapman Jr.'s Ranch the -B-, which is just north of the Town of Jackson, Wyoming.
Now Max C. Chapman Jr is one of Dick Cheney's buddy buddies and a great buddy of the George HW Bush clan....all of them. Max a "Bush Republican" has only given one Democrat campaign contributions, but those facts are not in "this time line", there for later, the contribution went to Jon Corzine, the former CEO of Goldman-Sachs. It was a charity gift......explain later as well. Now Bill & Hillary Clinton make a deal with the "Bush Republicans" that summer, the date August 1995. The Holidays come and go and finally in early February Ken Starr the Special Prosecutor who is putting the case together against the Clintons, Hillary & Bill, abruptly says its over ???? Really !!!! But then came "The Blue Dress & dear little Monica" now the "Bush Republicans" get what they want from Clinton, ( remember GHW Bush is Bill Clinton's best buddy ) Dan Cook the III and the rest of the criminals at Goldman-Sachs are about to receive from Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi "the Mother Load" the Keys to Largest Safe, the keys to the biggest rip off in US & Global history. For "The Blue Dress" Clinton gave them his signature on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act" ( The Financial Services Modernization Act 1999), this act destroyed the "Glass-Steagall Act" meaning it took protection measures off Our Entire Financial System. Now Dan Cook the III, George HW Bush just needed a new boss at GS, so they pushed out Jon Corzine in favor of Henry (Hank) Paulson, WHY?, they needed some one that would do and say anything, and Paulson received a lot of training for that when he worked for Richard M. Nixon and with John Ehrlichman, John. was convicted in the Nixon Watergate mess, for Perjury, Obstruction of Justice and the key to Paulson...Ehrlichman was convicted of Conspiracy. This is when a group of great individuals such as Dan Cook the II, George HW Bush, Henry Paulson and others sit down and decide to Collapse the Tech Boom in order to "Level the Political Playing Field, Economically" for GW Bush, now at this time running against Gore. Now they had there guy in at Goldman. Paulson the new Chairman and CEO. Now "To Get Out from the Top" Clinton was in their pocket so he wouldn't and didn't go after GS for Investor Fraud. They started the Selloff from the top in March of 2000. By collapsing the Tech Boom and putting GW Bush in, with the "Glass-Steagall Act" history, they could and did steal everything. ...... until October 2008......and then a miracle just happen for those that think all of this Just Happened.......Bush & Paulson bailout Goldman-Sachs............stealing the keys, stealing all of the money and getting away with it...in GW Bush & Obama's language ...... TOO BIG TO FAIL !!!! Really???!! or is it Obama and Bush see Goldman-Sachs like Bill & Hillary Clinton do......... The Facts are what they are, dirt is dirt, and criminals are criminals, and it is TIME TO ACT UP, it is time! JIM EVANHOE

Think this just Happen Think Again! Dan Cook the III's Caretake & Cook walked in on Dan and a Fox News Executive at Dan Cook the III's "Bear Lodge" a 10,000 sq ft log home, located in Teton County Wyoming, as assessor maps show, at the end of Prince Place along Bugling Elk Trail, a lane he shares with former Goldman-Sachs International Boss Eugene Fife. The Caretake-Cook over hears Dan in 2007 say and I quote "the Economy is just about ready to collapse," so much for Goldman-Sachs not knowing it was....They Knew, everyone knew "sub-prime mortgages" were larger than 10% of the market..just as they were in the First Bush Recession in 1988,89,90,91. But what else? Lets put Dan Cook the III in a gang of criminals, since you now know he belongs there. Lets call it the Jackson Hole Gang. Who else came and went in Teton County during this time, individuals who would beable to continue the run of ripping off everyone as long as possible then have good boy Henry Paulson bail us all out. Who came "The Classic Con-Man" Alan Greenspan. The parties the Jackson Hole Gang threw for Greenspan were amazing considering Walter Scott Jr., the guy who would eventually listen to all of your cellphone calls through his company Level 3 Communication, built a special 7,000 sq ft Party House in Crescent H Ranch to host Greenspan and the rest of the Gang. Like Enron the Jackson Hole Gang was made up of George HW Bush cronies...those that supported GHW Bush and his creation "The Society of Chaos" needless wars, failed leadership when it came to managing our Financial System......for anything real...for all Amercians...for our future for are ability to compete Globally. .........George HW Bush "Recession.......... #1" 1988,89,90,91 & George W Bush "the Great Recession" #2 .. 2008,09,10,11 "like Father, like Son"

[-] 1 points by magician (31) 1 year ago

Translator needed. A set of books about the economy and its flaws written by a swede. Translation Swedish to other languages.

Payment for this is not guaranteed and funding is also of importance.

You can reach him at following emailaddress: oversattning@nyaekonomiskasystemet.se Label the mail Översättningshjälp OBS! Only mail with the text Översättningshjälp is to be read and answered.

[-] 1 points by mrsangeld (1) 1 year ago

Is there a coherent Message this protest is trying to send? When OWS first started I was under the impression that the message was Get corporations out of politics, but it seems to have been mixed with so much more since then. So What is the Message? And I'm not being trollish, I seriously would like to know.

[-] 1 points by WSmith (2431) from Cornelius, OR 1 year ago

To me, and it should be to all, it's all about Unity!

We all have divergent needs and perspectives, but we (99%) are all under siege, hot or cold war, by the 1%.

They (1%) want us fighting each other, discouraged with politics, abandoning democracy. That's why we have the lowest Voter Turnout in the world. Which is EXACTLY why we need to GET INVOLVED!!

PEOPLE: Unite and Win!

[-] 0 points by JamesPEvanhoe (2) 1 year ago

Time to Move Forward Time to stop...... Anarchy on US All via the "Society of Chaos" and its creator George HW Bush and his Cronies.

But first Today: Nancy Pelosi came out on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell, that Hillary Clinton would make a fine President!
This is absolutely a very Bad development Clinton being President.

Who and what is Nancy Pelosi?

In May of 2006 Pelosi could have saved "Our Democracy", but she "Did Not" !!!!! Pelosi could have saved our financial system, But she "Did Not" !!! In May of 2006, Pelosi stated this, Pelosi indicated she was not interested in pursuing impeachment of George W Bush and had taken it "off the table", reiterating this phrase again on November 8, 2006 ??? The case was absolutely solid for Impeachment of Bush, why would she not do this, why destroy Our America???
You have to go back to when Pelosi and Clinton signed the Act that destroyed "Glass-Steagall" the two leading Democrats going along with Bush Republicans to destroy the Financial Protection of Our entire Financial System. She also did not vote to impeach Clinton. Pelosi: Has never voted to prosecute GoldmanSachs for March of 2000, 'Getting Out from the Top," blatant investor fraud, let on mid to small cap investors, on a huge scale. It destroyed the Tech Boom and Pelosi and Clinton did nothing about it ever. They had the ability from when it started March of 2000 through October of 2000, but did nothing. Pelosi has never investigated GoldmanSachs for Mortgage Bundling Fraud- Securities Fraud, 2007-2008, the largest financial swindle in Global History. Pelosi and Clinton did nothing. Pelosi even let HSBC, the worlds largest bank go for Drug Cartel money laundering, which is Criminal Racketeering .... which by the way made each Cartel successful financially.

What WE have in Pelosi is a "Classic Con-Artist" supporting another "Con-Artist" the Clinton Machine, The Clinton Machine is financed by GoldmanSachs.

Remember both Hillary & Bill Clinton were almost convicted of Real Estate fraud, by Ken Starr 1995-to-early1996, the Special Prosecutor, but after Hillary & Bill visited the -B- Ranch in Jackson WY August 1995, making a deal with Max C. Chapman Jr. and the rest of the Bush Republicans including Dan Cook the III of GoldmanSachs they were "Off the Hook", and again after the "Blue Dress" with Clinton and Pelosi signing the Death to Glass-Steagall. They were among the only Democrats to do so "Remember" this Pelosi and Clinton signed the "Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act" which directly lead to the Global Collapse, through criminal activities of GoldmanSachs. Fact !!!!

Clinton is dirty. Pelosi is just plain dirt and my older brother Michael Evanhoe political buddy, what a pair of fools. My brother ran Jerry Brown's campaigns for Northern California 1970's & early 80s and was appointed Budget Director of Caltrans.....so do I know Brown and do I know Pelosi for what they really are, You Bet I Do!

It is Time to Stop the Clinton Machine part of the anarchy of the "Society of Chaos" against all Americans.

It is time to Act Up. " Time to remove the Dirt," time to prosecute and put to death the " Society of Chaos " once and for all.

Stop Clinton equals stopping GoldmanSachs! Stop Jeb Bush equals stopping GoldmanSachs!

[-] 0 points by JamesPEvanhoe (2) 1 year ago

part 3...... Civil Disobedience.......

Believe it......it is needed.....why....the same guys who put us all in this mess are at it again......

Obama and even the Bush Republicans let them off the hook...with the media story line "TOO BIG TO FAIL & TOO BIG TO PROSECUTE" ...

The facts are these individuals: GHW Bush, The Clintons, GW Bush and OBAMA are 100% bought and paid for.............most were less then productive individuals on a real business level....Obama never had a real job when he was in High School, College or Grad School, Bush Jr. never had anything until Mercer Reynolds brought him into the Texas Rangers Organization.

We are expecting great things out of lazy freeloaders.

Public Corruption ( government corruption: city, county, state and at the federal level ) in this Country is rampant.

Everyone talks about how corrupt China is or Mexico but the facts are this Country is so corrupt its broke. Our K through 12 schools are at the bottom, 75% of Our teens can't find work, Household debt, Student debt, State and National Debts are the largest on the Planet. Our National infrastructure is so far behind what we need it to be we look more and more like a 3rd world country.

Deliberate poor management by Government at all levels has taken place, cronyism, nepotism, out right corruption is killing us all.

We have had very corrupt Presidents over the entire history of America, and even Congress is and has been a huge mess throughout our history.

But its Wall Street and the Media that are letting it all happen......Wall Street is nothing more than the East Coast version of Las Vegas, a total crap shoot at best...with Goldman-Sachs leading the way thanks to Obama, Bush Jr and Paulson......what can we expect.......the same guys are running the place. The same line of BS, the same story.....and the same result......... .......................unless WE CHANGE IT OURSELVES....

WE are the heroes of Our Destiny, WE are the heroes to Our Children. Not Obama, Not the Bush Republicans, Not the Clintons, Not Harvard, Not Stanford, none of the so-called Ivy League Schools, and definitely not Wall Street, the Military Brass or the National Media................

Where are WE going, where are WE now? And where do YOU want to be?

Unless WE Act Up, organize and track down those that got us here, we will continue to live in Their Mess, We must enter their World, let them know WE ARE HERE.

Act Up by entering their neighborhoods, their businesses, their stores, in full view, be who WE are .......Americans.

Unless we Act Up nothing will happen, nothing will change for US.

Our true enemies are those who put us here, not the Arabs, not the Persians, not the Chinese or Russians....., it was Obama, Bush Jr, the Clintons and especially the creator of the "Society of Chaos" George HW Bush, Goldman-Sachs, The Carlyle Group, Alan Greenspan, Arthur Levitt, Dan Cook the III, Walter Scott Jr., Lloyd Blankfein, Henry Paulson, Bill Gates, the Iraq Wars, the Afghan War, wars leading us no where.

Act Up has to be huge........every where College Campus, City Streets, State Capitals and OUR Nation's Capital...........we must bring out over 10,000,000 citizens.......we must stay on sight for as long as it takes. In the National Capital for ever if necessary.......rotate in and out.....travel to different locations. Save your money this summer and fall and Act Up !

[-] 0 points by shadz66 (19985) 1 year ago

''To explain, to provoke, to inspire, to tell stories is to begin the process of political change. As Paolo Friere said, “To speak a true word is to transform the world.” - from :

This 'news-post' sums up where we're at right now. The 99% struggle is generational & indeed epochal & like it or not, we're all spiralling towards a quickening to a reckoning. The 0.01% Parasite Class and their 1% lackeys know this too and are busy stacking the decks even more in their favour due to their dark psychopathy. Crapitalism is Kaputalism and variations of demoCRAZY deMOCKERYcy prevails everywhere. We either unite & stand on our feet or stay on our knees and continue to live in the dirt.

We 'are many, they but few' & we're now in a position of less and less to lose & everything to gain.

''The neoliberal hypothesis has been disproved spectacularly. Far from actually regulating themselves, untrammelled markets were saved from collapse only by government intervention and massive injections of public money. Far from delivering universal prosperity, government cuts have pushed us further into crisis. Yet this very crisis is being used as an excuse to apply the doctrine more fiercely than before.

''So where is the economic elite ? Counting the money it has stashed in unregulated tax havens. Thirty years of neoliberalism have allowed the super-rich to detach themselves from the lives of others to such an extent that economic crises scarcely touch them. You could see this as yet another market failure. Even if they are affected, the rich are doubtless prepared to pay an economic price for the political benefits – freedom from democratic restraint – that the doctrine offers.

''A programme that promised freedom and choice has instead produced something resembling a Totalitarian Capitalism, in which no one may dissent from the will of the market and in which the market has become a euphemism for big business. It offers freedom all right, but only to those at the top.''

Consider deeply: Lack of responsibility for 'The Problem' does NOT absolve us all collectively from being responsible for 'The Solution'. However, once the people are conditioned to embrace measures of Wall Street success as measures of their own well-being - they are easily recruited as foot soldiers in Wall Street’s relentless campaign to advance policies that support its control of money and thus its hold on every aspect of peoples' lives !

For far too long, Americans have allowed Wall Street to play them as 'marks' in a confidence scam of audacious proportions. Then they wonder at their seeming utter powerlessness to deal with job losses, depressed wages, mortgage foreclosures, political corruption and the plight of their children as they graduate into Debt Bondage !!

OWS has focused national and global attention on the source of the problem. Now it’s time for action to bust the Wall Street banking corporations, cartels and trusts, 'replace the current Wall Street 'banking system' with a 'Main Street Banking System' and take back America from the rule by 'The Evil, Wall Street Bankster Parasites' !!!

''Committed capitalists don't seem to recognize that people depend on each other, and that individual success is a result of collaborative effort, usually over a long period of time. The less free-market thinkers are regulated, the less they seem to care about others. They ignore the fact that America's most productive eras were driven by progressive taxes that funded entrepreneurship in the middle class. And they fail to see the deficiencies in a system that relies solely on profit-making to the exclusion of social responsibility. - Like the images of a dreaded disease, their beliefs might best be defined as obscene.'' - ''Rise like lions in unvanquished number'' & educate, agitate and organise. SOLIDARITY !!!

respice, adspice, prospice ...

[-] 0 points by JamesPEvanhoe (2) 1 year ago

IT IS TIME......... Obama and the Republicans protected Goldman-Sachs, AIG, Moodys, S&P executives from criminal prosecution, executives such as Lloyd Blankfein. Warren Buffett's buddy. Obama and the Republicans protected HSBC and its executives from criminal prosecution for laundering 100s of billions of dollars for drug cartels. Mexico to Panama to Asia. GHW Bush started all this when he was Director of the CIA. FACT! As we lose our businesses, our homes, our jobs because of Goldman-Sachs, Obama and the Republicans (George W Bush & Henry Paulson bail them out with our money, billions). Our lives are trashed, their living large. TOO big to fail, too big to prosecute.... Same for HSBC........ But I say not any longer it is time to demand Obama and the Republicans step down or be removed. It is time to move this movement forward. It is time to act. We must start tracking those that destroyed our country, where they live and work...WHO THEY ARE: George HW Bush the creator of the "Society of Chaos" starting from the days he was CIA Director through today and the Carlyle Group, his sons the entire Bush Family. Where are they where do they live:

BIll Gates supporting the collapse of the Tech Boom (March 2000) and Goldman-Sachs, direct investor fraud "Getting Out from the Top" this to level the political playing field against GORE. Bill Clinton did nothing to stop it nor did he prosecute them before leaving office, but he did take a job with Goldman-Sachs that paid him $12million. We lost he pocketed big $$$$$. GW Bush setting up our financial markets for failure through and by Enron and the Jackson Hole Gang, Arthur Levitt, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which destroyed the Glass Steagall Act. SEE WHO THESE Criminals Are: Walter Scott Jr. Level 3 Communications the guy who calls you from Numbers No Longer in Service, the guy who listens to your cellphone calls. Another Warren Buffett buddy. Dan Cook the III partner at Goldman-Sachs and the leader behind GHW BUSH & GW Bush their criminal action in regards to profitting Goldman-Sachs. Henry Paulson the Chairman and CEO GS when they destroyed the Tech Boom for Bush Bush then appointed him US Treasury Secretary.
Theres more, but it will have to wait for now.

[-] -1 points by SouthernPoverty (-8) 1 year ago

This anon post and all nov5 crap on the web is a farse. It's designed to drum up activity. Let me list a few reasons.

  1. Create public support for the NSA programs
  2. Create public support for new regulatory legislation against freelancers on the web to protect the profits of big tech companies by creating a monopoly and pushing out individual developers with fees to big for freelancers to afford.
  3. Create hacking activity while DHS is looking so they have villains to present to the public, giving a face to "the bad men".

The entire thing is a load of horse shit.

[-] 2 points by KarenLevin (10) from New York, NY 1 year ago

It is time for the American Winter - November 5th. They are all waiting for our link to lock into the worldwide freedom chain. I'm used to nay-sayers and infiltrators every Saturday at our G.A. The strength gained, the power of truth, respect and compassion eliminates the doubt. Say what you will, we are here to stay, until we, The People, are heard, seen, felt. Peace.

[-] 1 points by WSmith (2431) from Cornelius, OR 1 year ago

Unite and Win!


[-] -1 points by JamesPEvanhoe (2) 1 year ago

Seriously track those that have destroy our lives, our children's future for their own perverted self interest, money and their type of power. Has HSBC and the CIA ever started any "Just Say No Campaign?" or drug rehab center in anyone's community NO, so where has the billions they made from International Drug Distribution and Money Laundering gone? Right in their pockets. Yet Obama continues to protect them. Ask Bon Jovi how he feels about CIA-HSBC-Drug Cartel heroin trade. Ask your neighbors who's kid died from a drive by shooter, supported by Drug Cartels made successful via the CIA and HSBC, all started by George HW Bush & Family.
So I did ask????? In a 2 hour conversation. I ask James L. Montgomerie CEO of Vertol the WORLDS largest private Airforce, helicopters and planes, throughout the Middle East Afghanistan Pupa New Guinea gold mines, everywhere. HE said and I quote him here "They are helping distribute Afghan Heroin" ....so for our One Trillion Dollars over the last 11 years, The Afghan War, we got the largest Heroin distributions system on the Planet ...thank you Obama , the CIA and HSBC. Remember this: Obama officials said they were too big prosecute, and You my friend sitting in US prisons for smoking weed too bad.....

IT IS TIME it is past time......Obama, the Democrats & the Republicans must be removed from office. Those who have committed Domestic Terrorism through drug cartel money laundering and distribution ... so charged convicted and in My Educated Opinion ...what they do is Sedition ...that equals "The Death Penalty" not maybe 100% why?... > for the millions of Americans that landed in prison, prisons owned by George HW Bush buddies, for millions of Americans who became addicted from a guaranteed supply of drugs, for the millions of Americans who's neighborhoods have been ravaged for the last 30 years because of what George HW Bush, HSBC Bank, and the CIA have done.... Death not maybe 100% for sure! 1st in line: George HW Bush The Owners, Directors and Managers of HSBC world wide. The Members of the CIA who promoted this for the last 30 years, their Domestic Terrorism on the American People. By the way everyone the PGA the professional golf association sponsors a competition paid for by HSBC SO NOW the PGA stands for: Professional Gangsters Association
IT IS TIME EVERYONE to take action against public corrportation it is time to use force....the force of millions of Americans feed up with Bush Family, the Clintons, Obama, the Democrats & the Bush Republicans......there now so Charged for their Crimes! Save Our Neighborhoods, Save Our Democracy! IT IS TIME! Jim Evanhoe



[-] 0 points by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB 1 year ago

I don't think it's a threat if you say "I won't kill you if you do these things" lol.

[-] 0 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 1 year ago

no death threats

[-] 0 points by TikiJ (-38) 1 year ago

Easy there fella...


[-] 2 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 1 year ago

violence can be shown to be motivated by racial prejudice

but violence would still be wrong if it had different motivations

[-] -1 points by TikiJ (-38) 1 year ago

"On the contrary, this entire forum is and has been a resource for those intent on on placing roadblocks to any kind of reform what so ever"

That all depends on what you think the solutions should be.

We dont need more censorship.

Some want revolution. Some want reform. And then the other 99% of the population simply want another big screen tv.

[-] -2 points by Thetenthpiecesuv8 (-6) 1 year ago

I don't know if it's a direct reflection of Occupy but this site has been black against white since its inception.

[-] -1 points by TikiJ (-38) 1 year ago

Sounds like the internet in general.