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100 March on NYPD 1st Precinct to Demand Dignity;
 Women in Custody Being Harassed, Police Protocols In Question

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 16, 2011, 12:54 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

**Message from Protestors to NYPD: If you SEE something, a fellow officer violating protocol, SAY something**

Over 100 people, mostly women, marched from Liberty Square to NYPD’s 1st Precinct HQ at 11pm Tuesday night to demand that all women in custody be treated with respect and dignity by the police. The march was organized after our sisters in custody made various complaints of male officers patrolling the women’s cells, unannounced. We were told that male members of the NYPD were specifically making unannounced patrols by the women’s cells, and by the shared women’s toilet (in plain view of all women and officers)--which is a common tactic used to humiliate those in custody.

In the spirit of the Occupy movement, the crowd of 100 gathered in a show of solidarity to demand that the NYPD issue a formal statement that this will be addressed and that there be no more instances of this humiliating tactic being used. There were no arrests at tonight’s solidarity march.

Some chants from the crowd: “All day, all night, occupy women’s rights!” and “Courtesy, professionalism and respect” and “If you see something, say something!”

All those in solidarity are encouraged to call the complaint line and demand Police Commissioner Ray Kelly put an end to this violent behavior. NYPD Internal Affairs: 212.487.7350 or directly NYPD 1st Precinct: 212.334.0611

Linnea Palmer, Occupy Wall Street Press Team, is available for any follow up questions on this particular action. Press@occupywallst.org


This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Huge General Assembly in Progress at Liberty Square

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 15, 2011, 8:40 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

**Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement Persevere**

The feeling here at Liberty Square tonight is the feeling of a movement that is rising, building, and making headway.

Following the 1am eviction of Liberty Square early this morning and a long day of legal wrangling, the park was reoccupied late this afternoon. This evening, just after 7pm, the first General Assembly at the reoccupied park began. Using our 'people's mic', we declared together:

"They showed us their power. And we're showing them ours."

We are here because we believe a better world is possible. We are willing to endure mistreatment, if by doing so we can help re-enfranchise the 99% and reclaim our democracy from the stranglehold of Wall Street and the top one percent.

We will push back against billionaire Michael Bloomberg and any politician who wantonly tramples on proud American freedoms: freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and the freedom of Americans to peaceably assemble and petition for change.

We will overcome the obstacles placed before us. We will not be deterred. We will persevere. Our message is resonating across America, and our cause is shared by millions around the world. We are the 99%, and we want to live in a world that is for all of us — not just for those who have amassed great wealth and power.

You cannot evict an idea whose time has come.


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