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The way to fix Goverment is so simple its childs play. 1. Make it illegal to accept any campaign contributions from any company lobbyist or individual by penalty of jail to the politician or the giver Each politician will be given the same amount of money to run for office . How they spend it shows how smart they are..2. We regulate the airwaves so mandated TV and Radio time for cnadidates equally distributed. Civil servant will be that again, instead of a whore with his hand out. NO MORE MONOPOLIES!Walmart/SAms,Banks and no bid contract Haliburton,Phone companies,cable companies. I relize theere are a few but a very few competing companies You move your company over seas for cheap labor you pay higher taxes for moving overseas and must match employee for employee in this country for living here. No more out sourcing phone jobs to India or any other company. You do bussiness is here you hire here. Maybe then those 20 million dollar bonuses could come back to the average Americans hands. I am all for people coming to this country but not at the expense of the working man. The richest Americans want them for labor then they must pay their medical dental and reasonable housing. Other than that i want a concrete wall between US and Mexico to stop the illegal crossing of our borders. The building of the wall will crreate many jobs as Nafta has not worked and must be done away with. It just benefited the rich to move their companies. This 2 party system , must go!!!!!. The 2 parties make sure that no other party can get started or a foothole in this country. No more bailing out rich companies or banks when they make. We bailed out the biggest banks in America and let the little ones fail and they didn't cause this mess. Now they banks we bailed out are taking record bonuses after some, taking a 1.00 for the year like they were doing us a favor. After spending our tax dollar to bail them out They should have been paid a 1.00. There should be a FLAT TAX of between 15% to 18% depending on what the goverment needs. The rate is based on the fact our politicians can no longer be whores with their hand out ,our money will go a lot farther and get things done so we are not sure exactly what the rate will be but this will encompass everything. No more sales tax or property tax and everyone rich and poor will pay the same. With my idea in a couple years there will be no more poor. I live in St Petersburg Fl its a peninsula about 20 miles long and 10 miles wide There are approx 20 mayors 20 councils and aides and aides too aides You want to reduce goverment start local. This is a small area for this many people running the goverment. The size of goverment should be based on the size of the area. Its absolutely alarming at how big the goverment is in this small area. The tea party was started with some good intentions it is allegely supported by some of te richest Americans Like David Koch of Koch industries (BILLIONAIRE) and Rick Scott Gov Multi multi Millionaire of Florida to protect their income and does not even come close to going far enough to protect is from the greeedy Corporate Giants.... ITs run by! I would be proud to join occupy wall street as long as we agree that democracy is the only way. If you like my ideas you may write me at
Conscience of America: 5680 Dunfries st St Petersburg Fl 33709

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