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I am a writer. See internet under Will Knutsen. My new, unpublished book, "The Time When Hell Began! : a journey into the fiery crucible of modern religious consciousness", is about how The Catholic Church brainwashed the Western world into believing the unbelievable: they used unrelenting terror! Charlemagne was their whip hand. Now people think there is an "all-powerful" god...that somehow has a rival. And people think that if you do not believe this illogical theology, you will go to a hell and "burn forever". As if "forever" had a begining! And even more crazy is they got humans believing that if one wants to to live forever, one has to pay The Church to act as attorneys to speak for you in a "high court". Nice work if you can get it. I'll be publishing the work soon on-line. Cheers!
Will Knutsen,
drop-out from the New School for Social Research graduate program, 1965. Also the last time I paid taxes. Never earned enough to have to. It's been a wonderful life and still is. Though, truth to tell, I am glad the system has not totally broken down: who would make the beer and reliably distribute it?

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