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We are the 99 percent


about time the few of us who see through the facts spoke out!!! i will soon be joining my "outside of the box" brothers and sisters. they say the protesters do not seem to have a message and they're right we do not have one message!... we have many... let's let em hear em one by one... tough times are coming... but no revolution comes effortless, all of us who see where this is going should come out and support, we will be called terrorists, criminals, and anything they choose to. why? cus they own the news agencies, let the people around you know what you stand for... so that when the government lies to them they will remember you! do NOT be afraid to call it a revolution, matter of fact call it resistance! resistance to a two-party dictatorship, a capitalist cartel and a government that seems to have forgotten why it exists!!!!!!

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