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We are the 99 percent


We need to get back to America for Americans, because there are now 7 billion humans and we're losing. We have to stop policing the world & get out of over 170 countries. End the wars that give us nothing but reliance on obsolete technology.

We must insist on buying only goods made in the USA even if it means deprivation until it works.

We must demand our colleges/universities quit making Americans pay thru the nose while giving free education to international students who will take it home to compete against us--other countries have demanded non-competing contracts from those of us educated abroad! And they made us pay thru the nose while helping their own. We must do the same now.

We must demand fully taxpayer-funded elections at all levels of government & enforce political "donations" from lobbyists to be the felony bribes they truly are.

We must demand our legislators be attorneys & make it illegal for lobbyists to write our laws.

We must amend the Constitution to remove citizenship by birth--it no longer serves us. We must add an amendment basing citizenship solely on the citizenship of the mother.

We must amend the Constitution to ensure corporations are not "persons" and free speech is not "money."

We must impeach the 5 members of the Supreme Court who committed treason in Citizens United by setting themselves up to make law in violation of Constitutional separation of powers--they swore to uphold the Constitution, and as a Legislature no body can oversee them, because they are the court of last resort. This is why our founders developed the principle of separation of powers, to provide checks and balances on all 3 branches, making them all co-equal, and SEPARATE! Courts are supposed to limit themselves to the issues framed by the parties to the suit--in this case, the issue was solely about the application of a statute. Nobody asked the Court to base anything on Constitutional issues. The Court proved a poor legislative body. It defies common sense--and English language--to say corporations that can't die and have access to lawmakers people do not have--are persons. It defies all sense to claim money is 'free speech.' If it is, as Bob Dylan wrote, "Money don't talk--it swears."

We must recognize that endless wars are good for business and bad for American life. We must instead rebuild by focusing on the creation of as yet undiscovered clean energy technologies-- by demanding our education be reworked for the 21st--and 22nd-- centuries. We are still being educated for a past, not a future.

We must understand we are the government & be as involved in it as much as possible. Always vote, & educate ourselves to understand the issues far beyond 30-second sound bites on TV. We must bring back equal time (free time) for opposing political views on TV and force 'opinion journalism' out of journalism, because it is NOT journalism.

We must tax corporations so there are no loopholes, and make it financially difficult for those who take jobs overseas and/or leave profits offshore.

We must demand reform of the 72,000 page federal tax code in favor of a simpler, but graded-by- income code. In Eisenhower's day, income over $400,000 was taxed at 91%--the time of greatest increase in wealth for the middle class. We must oppose all regressive flat taxes, such as sales taxes, which require the poor and middle class to pay proportionally more than the wealthy.

We must demand new and increased regulations on Wall Street and we must break up the 6 Big Banks and Dirty Energy multi-nationals. It is foolish to think the greediest people will do right by the rest of us out of the kindness of their hearts. We must prosecute & convict all involved in the fraud that cost America 20% of its wealth, and fire anybody who doesn't care to prosecute, including Eric Holder, Head of the Justice Dept.

We must realize we've been manipulated for over 50 years by TV, developed by corporations to lull us into stupidity and making us afraid of each other. We must demand better by seeking truth and education as far as we can go with it; and we must be 99% united and strong. We need to be reinventing ourselves, and re-educating ourselves, all our lives.

We must know to change it all from top to bottom requires great expenditures, and not fret about the deficit--for now. Getting back up will cost money. Once everybody is working again, they'll all be paying their fair share, and when we've paid for the wars we've ended, there will be no deficit. We have to trust this--we got out of the Depression only by spending.

We must rebuild our infrastructure--we're the only industrialized nation whose infrastructure is crumbling. It's silly to have electrical wires running aboveground across the nation on big wooden sticks.

We must honor nature, not try to wipe it out. This is too generalized for the 99% manifesto, but nature has been on earth for the 5 billion years of its existence--we've been here about 5 minutes and may have already made ourselves extinct by overpopulation & pollution. It's time to recognize if we continue to war against nature, nature will win.

Finally, we should adopt the native American principle of always thinking ahead 7 generations before making any choices of great consequence. No more "All for me and mine, the rest be d-----." It's untenable.

We must bring back honor, loyalty, principle, generosity, dedication, and kindness. We must be civil to each other, recognizing we are all in it together. This is not a matter of politics at all. This is about rebuilding our nation, following a basic animal instinct not to sh-- in our nest. We are one nest, one people. We are 99%. And Wall Street is the most wealthy and most politically powerful entity in the world. We have a tremendous opportunity to make things right, but only if we stick together, Democrat and Republican, janitors & jailers & journalists alike, black, white purple--whatever. We must BE the 99%, or Wall Street wins.


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