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We are the 99 percent


I believe in fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, including my fellow citizens, wildlife, animal abuses, and Mother Nature. I believe everyone has the right to clean water and clean air.

I believe the disabled and low income elderly should not be trampled by the government, but protected. People with incapacitationg pychiatric issues are particularly vulnerable, as they really have no voice whatsoever. , They are discriminated against and marginalized. This outrage is evident in the state of Illinois, with critical programs being slashed. How can they fight greedy, cruel interests, when they have to struggle on a daily basis with their own minds? I would like to see the movement address the obstacles faced by this group as well. They need advocates among the 99 percent, for they are the 99 percent.

I believe that in a country as wealthy as the U.S.A., everyone is entitled to a home, good healthcare and food on the table, regardless of income or in the absence of income.

I believe that we the people should control government policy through democracy. I believe in a government that is for the people, and by the people. I do not believe our government should be controlled by the interests of the 1 percent.

I believe that corporations should never have been considered individual persons, and that lobbyists have no place in the political process.

The expression.We the people, for the people, by the people has been made irrelevant. What we say has fallen on deaf ears. Thanks to the Wallstreet Protests, they will have to listen to us.

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