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We are the 99 percent


1."Stop coddling the Super Rich!, My frends and I (his fellow Billionaires), have been coddled long enough by a billionaire friendly Congress. Its time for our Government to get to get serious about Shared Sacrifice" Warren Buffett, Aug 14. The New York Times.
Warren Buffett, one of the richest 400 Americans goes on to say its not fair for him to pay a lower tax rate than his office help, I Agree! Bill Gates, the richest of the 400 hundred (who collectively own more than the 150 million US citizens at the bottom), holds more personal wealth than the poorest 40 million Americans combined, one man with the wealth of 40 million people! Yea, I know he's also a nice guy, supports education,charity, the rights of the poor etc., who cares! A political system that allows one man to own the commonwealth of a Nation of people is absurd in its unfairness and needs to be changed! Its time for us to hear from the other 398 of the richest Americans, where do they stand? Before we shut down any more public schools, fire anymore cops,teachers, postal workers and firemen, ignore any more crumbling bridges and highways that need to be fixed,and deny more millions of Americans their right to basic Health Care, all in the name of austerity and living within our means to reduce the Federal deficit, I suggest that we:

Balance the Budget, Tax the Rich! Tax their corporations, tax their mega "Too Big to Fail" banks, and their Hedge Funds. If they flee to Switzerland or the Caymond Islands with our money, send the Navy Seals, the Pacific Fleet, the 101st AirBorne or what ever it takes, to bring them back to face charges of Income Tax evasion! At least then we would get some thing worth while out of spending more on our Military than the rest of the World combined!

A just and proper use for the most powerful Military on earth, better than invading other peoples countries to steal their oil (Irag), or lithium (Afghanistan) in order to make Exxon Mobile,Goldman Sachs, General Electric, and the " Job Creators" even richer.

Tom Michie, a very Pissed-Off Progressive


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