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We are the 99 percent


While the internet has the power to broadcast self destructive, bizarre behavior to protect Bush, Ashcroft, and a huge conspiracy that have destroyed America by 911 it fails to go viral because the entire country is in a deep trance to live in their fantasy world. The mortgage meltdown destroyed the banking system while we let those privileged crooks rip off what they call bonuses.

No entire nation could be this stupid. It is a powerful trance that allows the entire country to allow incredible crimes all on record. All the bribes are on record but they call the bribes "donations and contributions".Strauss-Kahn was allowed to rape the black maid. Not one person but me has recognized allowing the privileged to rape an average person, right in front of the entire country that is in such a deep trance they think nothing of it. While 16,000,000 children starve from the mortgage meltdown crime by all the bankers and the rating company people who got their fees from the mortgage rating fraud. They arrest people walking on the bridge but the Strauss-Kahn rape is protected by the government who released Strauss-Kahn while we fools just watch.

We are in a bottomless pit of irrational, self destructive, psychotic behavior. There is an arrogance in America rather not admit to stupidity of electing an outright crime family. The primary crime is bribes and kickbacks. But obstructing justice by specific police men in Bridgeport and the state police in CT for refusing to act in accordance with the law. Why any cop would refuse to solve the 911 attack by the Bush conspiracy is taking the risk of being prosecuted for treason. The cops who decide they must solve 911 by prosecuting Bush will be bigger heroes than George Washington was.

To allow the Bush 911 attack and his lies to go to war and the mortgage meltdown means Americans are in a trance.We must demand justice for all this. To get justice requires electing a new 3rd party. The Democrat Republican CRIME FAMILY isn't going to arrest themselves.

If these people aren't angry about the Bush 911 attack and millions of families and 16,000,000 children are starving on the street while GE pays no tax on $14 billion. The $5 billion they owe would feed all those people every day. So Americans made the choice to protect the bribes by GE to create the tax loopholes. Americans are in a naive, self destructive trance. They are sinking our ship and we're too arrogant to admit how stupid this is.

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