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We are the 99 percent


Me - 58
Former Exhibit Designer and former Draft Resister.
I am an expert on Protection during Protests.
Survivalist and Trainer in self preservation.
Have seen the downfall of "We the People" all of my Youth and Adult life.
I am now and always have been a Pacifist who leans towards Social Democracy. Meaning "We the People" elect our officials and they work for us. "We the People" in turn give them the privilege to work for "We the People" and no one else.
I am presently dying from a weak heart and wish to teach all OWS how to prepare ones self for the onslaught to come, such as it came with the 4 dying in Ohio.
"We the People" should of never forgotten that, yes they will shoot you and yes many will be attacked.
If your interested in hearing how you can be better prepared and for actions that will have to be taken from this point on contact me .
I would really like to come there and train others in order for them to train others.
Me- also a Preacher of Love for all and kinda like Tolstoyian.

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