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We are the 99 percent


I am glad that finally the movement against the evil has started. I am sure that with the same energy that it is growing it will change the world for the betterment of the 99%.

The world has been plagued by cancers of different kinds (social, economic, religious, physical and mental) created by the evil forces of capitalism and atheism.

The solution is to convert the whole world into a welfare state where the resources are already available for the whole population of the world. The Creator has already provided for us all and for the people to come after us. The time has come and the consciousness is rising. Our consciousness will create the world we want i.e. a place to live for everyone. We should spread love, peace and prosperity. We should spread universal brother/sisterhood. We should spread love for the whole of humanity. And we can do it. Let us do it.

Let us remove all distinctions and discrimination. Let us remove all the barriers and boundaries and make the world liveable for each and everyone on earth. Let us share the resources of the world equitably. Let us create the heaven on earth. Let us eliminate the hell created on earth by the evil.

Let us move and we should move.

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