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We are the 99 percent


I am a part of the so called "99%" yet I don't see myself as a percentage like you febble minded individuals that obviously have no responsibilities in life so you just go and try to destroy everyone elses lives. Attack the politicians they are the problem and right now you are to because you have no direction and no purpose other than to be ignorant. Occupy Wall St. needs to occupy a job and stop being little brats more than half of you are capable of flipping a hamburger or a pizza so go do it your not entitled to anything unless you earn it and you didn't earn anything that wall st. owns yet you think it is yours and they should share well welcome to reality you have to actual work hard and maybe be a little inventive if you want to become something in this world a simple degree or education obviously doesn't provide that unless your a politician then you can start making $174,000 a year on the dime of people that are part of the 100% which doesn't include politicians politicians have given the power to these banks and have profitted off it while they also profit off of us they are the true problem open your eyes!

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