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We are the 99 percent


We express our solidarity with the American people that feel unjustly treated by a system that lends itself easily to manipulation by the powerful and by the state.

Back in here we have a fascist government that presides over heinous crimes and that has stifled the voice of dissent. Now with impunity it is squandering natural resources of the people of Gujarat to appease the rich and the powerful.

In the land of Mahatma Gandhi this grave injustice has largely gone unnoticed by the mainstream media - clearly controlled by the same elitist clique.

As a rationalist society committed to honouring human rights, promoting fair play and justice we shall be pleased to offer our platform for any just, non-violent struggle against patently unjust and exploitative systems.

Contact: M Hasan Jowher at info@sprat.in. Web: www.sprat.in / Blogs: jowher.info / Tw and FB: mhjowher
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