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We are the 99 percent


you have my support although unfortunately not financial at this time ... like so many others - even though I have a job - cost of living has increased prodigiously and I've dwindled my savings down to a pittance covering debt that has increased due the to outrageous interest rates imposed when the recession first hit - I haven't had a raise since 2007, salary cut by 4k annually and work increased to cover the work of those laid off -- and the extra time needed to cover the boss's absence -- while he's in the Bahamas, Paris, Rome, skiing in Aspen, taking private plane excursions to the private hunting club in Mexico he joined last year, and taking half the summer off while he is building his new lake house -- but I guess I must be happy to have a job...with such a great job provider...Sound familiar? But you have my support while conversing with others, while on FB, whenever your movement is discussed in my presence.

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