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We are the 99 percent


I agree with and prefer NON-VIOLENCE, but if I have to take up arms (and we do still have that right - the current system of checks and balances is failing) I'm not afraid to. It may take such drastic measures to remove the 1% from power ultimately and unfortunately - Heartless, Moraless bastards. I live in Central Pennsylvania, I'm 34 and since I have been 18 I have been "on" to the 1%. Through a publication called the American Free Press (formerly The Spotlight) I can't stress enough that Big brother is trying to "Divide and Conquer" the 99% through their Blue and Red propaganda - regardless of our individual political persuasion we must remain united and not fall in on ourselves. Unity = Strength. We're all being exploited and unheard. The dirty little secret is we have more power than the 1% we just don't realize it yet - The 1% does not want us to realize this. What if we all decided at once to not report to work (to make corporations rich), or what if we all at once decided to stop paying taxes (to stop funding the government we disagree with)...hmmm. Easy way to kill two birds, what if the whole 99% were conveniently unemployed - 9% hell let's go all the way to 99%, they obviously don't care if we have jobs or not - we'd all have a whole lot of time on our hands too, and out from under the "veil" of being "distracted" and oblivious. Good luck throwing 99% of the population in jail all at once. (and I'm fully aware of the Fema Camps but there wouldn't be enough loyal hands to pull off an arrest of that scale) I'm sure you have watched the Zeitgeist films by now but if you haven't check them out. www.zeitgeistmovie.com May I suggest the most effective, "non-violent" way to win is to convince the 99% (local businesses included) to reject Federal Reserve Notes and Electronic Money altogether. What if the 99% all at once said, "You know what, we don't 'believe' in the dollar anymore." This would take the wind right out of the appropriate sails (the Fed - our local public officials and police offers aren't at fault, they're not at the top of the food chain, and it would have a nice side effect of taking down other corrupt institutions like corporations and insurance companies as well), make their fuel and electronic fortunes worthless overnight. Isolated cases wouldn't work, but if a majority did it... We will find another way to get the resources we need. We're living on peanuts anyway, those that depend on "money" the most would be hurt the most. And beware the Amero - that is to be rejected too. Also, beware of Federal Moles planted within our ranks. Dirty trick they use to manipulate people into illegal activity i.e. entrapment. I am a talented artist, marketer, computer technician, web guy, and new media professional - an Army of 1. I can't help the movement financially (surprise) but I have "talents" I'm willing to donate to the cause in the form of electronic or physical communications. www.ng-media.com Please keep me abreast of activity. Hopefully we can stay sharp and smart about this, and not let some idiots (from above or below) mess up a good and much needed housecleaning. Nate - Citizen of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, fellow "legal" American Citizen, and 99%er. I believe in God and rest my faith there. I don't put my faith in money, or my government anymore. I embrace love over fear and do not walk around with my head down in Fear. Fear = Control = They Win. Courage + Unity = We Win (Go ahead and watch me big brother I'm not doing anything illegal or criminal like the 1% are - I'm not the bad guy and I'm not harming, "raping", exploiting, or pillaging anyone. And last time I checked, there was still a First Amendment, and we still had the right to assemble albeit online)

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