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We are the 99 percent


My family and I run a small organic off-grid produce farm in the heart of coal and now fracking country, eastern Ohio. We long to see a Wendell Berry world with strong local communities of producers and rural prosperity not smothered by regulations and gov't raids (find the movie Farmageddon). Families and communities working together to provide our own needs, breaking dependence on corporations and gov't. We need to create a sustainable alternative to the current system. It starts by each of us doing something now. Legalization of raw milk and on farm meat processing, believe it or not, are key for rural renewal (see Weston A. Price website).

I also believe that faith in Christ and a return to biblical principles and the power of God are also necessary for us to govern ourselves and not be overrun by selfish sinful desires. He gives us a new heart and life after all!

With respect and love,

Jeff Mott
Mott Family Farm (.com)

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