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We are the 99 percent


Occupy the Mind State of Common Sense

Business Systems analysis is simple. I have done it for over 25 years. There is a cause … and then the domino chain effects that people try to fix. We all know that:

1) You can’t fix a problem from the same mindset that created it.
2) You can never fix the problem causation by placing costly bandages on the symptoms.
3) Prescription administered without professional diagnosis is malpractice and cries out for statutory fraud … in the courts of law.
4) The only way to fix the supply-domino chain of problematic symptoms is to get to the cause.
5) All problems that persist are held in place by the benefactors. They have no problem.
6) When things don’t make an ounce of sense … its making someone a ton of money = power (M=P)
7) And finally … there are only TWO causes of all human problems:
a. Someone doesn’t want to … change the existing system
b. Someone doesn’t know how to … change the existing system
i. And when both systems are in play … ya get a party for some … and a tragedy for the 99%
8) And items a and b above point to two sources of all of America’s current conditions:
a. The voters do not know how to vote in open, honest and dependable politicians
b. The politicians do not want to change the status quo and get the news media to perpetuate their psi–ops.

The prescription for Changing the Leadership Causation Issues of this nation are simple:
1) Campaign Funding Reform – no more contributions from any source to any politician. It must all be 100% funded by a special government administered campaign funding mechanism … monitored and reported on by an independent CPA firm … that will be held legally and financially liable for misrepresentation to the public
2) Lobbyists must Report - to the public who they are working for … how much they get paid from their clients … and the report must be audited by a difference CPA firm make that information internet public.
3) Benchmarked Standards - The GAO must post on the internet the fiscal and monetary numeric standards set to maintain a healthy and sustainable economy … compared to where we are at (an economic report) and to report on the difference between the rules and actual results …and then the News media asks the pointed questions to all politicians and government department heads … Why are you out of compliance in this benchmarked metric. We the people … have to demand “Political Consequence Accountability (PCA) as reported to us by our CPA’s hired by we the tax payers.
4) Facts and not “news” - And if the news media remains “politically motivated” … then we hire our own investigative reporters (The League of Women Voters as an example … or ???) to tell us straight.

L. J. Carson CPA … on this … that … and things

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