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We are the 99 percent


i was a young radical in berkeley, ca. now i'm a middle aged construction worker in napa. been some years since i held even slight interest/former zeal in anything political, or even taken a position on the issues. work/family/responsibilities to same just sort of eclipsed all that. i was so keen on/quite active in alternative politics before, way back then. though very little of my work as a propagandist has been made public, i am an effective one. in people's park in berkeley one poster helped outstandingly when u.c. wanted to build volleyball courts. it had mickey mouse. i'd like to assist ows w/some images/ideas. anybody happen to have a copy of the poster w/m.m. holding a volleyball i made around '90 when the big roits came in berkeley? i didn't keep/don't have it. any/all who saw it there/then will admit it was pdg. i totally agree w/ows/would like to assist, have little/no imaging capability. other that that, i'm the 99% too. may we swiftly prevail. i've more to say, but there's no time. i will try tommorrow/later. godspeed, all.

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