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We are the 99 percent


I'm a baby boomer and hope to retire on time at age 66, but I'm afraid that social security and medicare will either disappear, be privatized, or the age to collect will be raised to 70 either for myself or for my children.

I am a social worker by profession, but the work place for social workers is less about the people we are trying to help and more about huge amounts of paper work. The agencies funding the various programs do not care about the population you are serving (homeless and mentally ill), but whether the paperwork is precise. I've lamented about this problem to friends who are older social workers and those who are teachers. There is prejudice against the older worker, as well: my last boss, who was much younger than me commented negatively one time about my memory. I've heard over and over from people that the work place has become very difficult. I heard this problem addressed by OWS last night on WBAI and it was refreshing. I hope one day the work place hires more people so we are not so overwhelmed and that regular employees are appreciated and respected.

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