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We are the 99 percent


I am on disability and medicaid, My ss check has not gone up in 3 years, but the economy has. On Oct. 1st my food stamps were cut! I live off less than 800.00 per month. HELP! I am below poverty in AMERICA! I can't believe this. I paid taxes all my life. And now, I live like a bag lady! I was born and raised in American! Land of the Free???? My 3 children were also born and raised here! The Country, where boat loads of people wanted to come for years! I love now, like a beggar on the street! I shop at all the thrift shops, unable to purchase clothing. I eat a lot of rice, I never thought I would have to eat! I believe it won't be long, and I will be on the street! I can't believe my thoughts are of doom, here in America! I am 61 years old, and the golden years are thoughts of the past. The 1% is stealing my ability to live with a roof over my head! I find myself looking for a shopping cart and tent materials in order to exist! Chelle104

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