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I fired my bank yesterday and it was awesome. TAKE BACK YOUR POWER BY TAKING YOUR MONEY OUT! I told them I would not give one more dime to a bank who takes our bailout money than won't re-fi America, of soldiers being over charged and foreclosed upon, of Americans being forced out of homes, not because they can't pay, but because the bank won't work with them to pay less while banks rake in billions in profits. I said all the new fees are only tageting the poor-a maintenance fee for a low balance only is charged to poor people-we'd LOVE to keep a couple thousand in the bank, but shame on us we're poor. I said I only regretted more people not being there for me to convince to follow me to the credit union down the street. That credit union in suburban Michigan said they've been getting new members like me trickling in. Let's turn that trickle into a flood people. FIRE YOUR BANK! I'm a suburban, college educated housewife with 4 kids and a small business and it felt good to stand up and say this is wrong. All I need is $5 to keep my credit union account in good standing for my free checking. It's non profit and invests locally-it's not perfect, but the big banks will never get another fee from me and that's a good place to start.

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