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We are the 99 percent


follow and i will lead you to victory, i seek not power, i seek not fame, i seek not fortune, i only seek to serve my fellow Man. Actually dont follow just walk next to me. The media is controlled by the government, we need a way to get the message to the people. Youtube would be a great tool. This is not a revolution, this is only a kick in the ass to get back to the right track to what this nation was suppose to stand for. If we are going to do this we must share what we have with one another. I myself have nothing but the shirt off my back and i will gladly give it. I know most of us have nothing. We need support, but support from the right people. And the people who support us have nothing to do with what we stand for, because an idea is uncorupptable, a man on the other hand.... well we all have read our history books. This is not to over throw the government and not to cause trouble like the media would like to portray, we only seek equality, we will not bare the burden of the old just to see our kids starve, if there is to be a future we must act, but we can not leave our country weak to attack from other countries, please find support from our country members, and do not promise nothing, nor ask for anything, only give and then we will all gain. Also please do not hold me for every word, I am not thinking about this, only speaking whatever comes to heart. I suggest you do so. Do not plot, but you must organize. We must show them organized crime is the least of their worries, that organized revolt is their worst nightmare. Tell them their money is no good, tell them there billions and billions aint going to put food in their bellies.

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