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We are the 99 percent


I am 16.
I do online school and and play Competition Soccer. I am currently working two jobs Alternating days and weekends and I work holidays. Why? To get my parents out of debt. Why are they in debt? The 1% screws everyone over don't they?
We are without credit cards. I buy groceries, drive my brother to school, help him with homework, sell what I can, donate what I can, pay half of the bills and half of our rent, pay for my soccer and saving ten dollars each paycheck to get closer to college. No healthcare for anyone. No savings. My dad works full time at a job 60 minutes away. My mom is working part-time at a job she hates.
I grew up mature and I'm way ahead of where I should be for my age. I'm sick of my family being looked down on and I am sick of not speaking up. We are apart of the 99%

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