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We are the 99 percent


It's simple:
We as a cross-generational, multiethnic, and most of all unified demographic do not want to be split into tribelike voting cells anymore. We do not want to be told that one amount of our money will be allocated to a corporation that we did not opt to support, and we do not want the actual amount of money allocated to them to be different from what we were told. We do not want American citizens to be sent to offshore prisons where they are stripped of their rights, no matter what they are accused of. We do not want to be stripped of our constitutional rights within our own borders. We do not want to be subject to permissions and licenses to exercise those rights in our hometowns.
We want to be fully informed of the military actions of the nation that we as a people are in charge of running. We want to be informed of the use of the money that we as a people are in charge of raising. We want campaign donors to contribute funds in a manner that supports politicians, not influences them.

We refuse to stand only in desperation while our nation spirals into debt.

We are not blameless for the current state of affairs, but we have changed ourselves and we have been activated. The next step is to allow this activation to continue up the power structure, and to change 100% of the United States.

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