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We are the 99 percent


This movement must not end. It cannot end. Getting beaten is worth it, if we accomplish something. Failure means death for millions. We cannot fail.

Here are our demands:

1-Require the immediate return of all bailout capital, and use it to pay off all civilian debts, even if at deep discount.

2-Expand antitrust laws to include any single company that makes more than 2.5% of the US Government's one-year revenue for three consecutive years. (~$112bil/yr)

3-Designate lobbying and filibustering as forms of treason.

4-Limit congressional appointments to 2 terms.

5-End both wars, redeploy all US troops as humanitarian aid for the next 3 years.

6-Establish a flat tax with no exceptions, all people and corporations taxed evenly.

7-Increase public education salaries by 50%, double the budget for teachers nationally.

8-Invest Gov't funds ($bil) into Venture Capital firms in the nation.

9-End all non-essential subsidies; Outlaw all GM foods & terminator seeds.

10-Restrict profits on all medical services & products. Subsidize all of it for everyone, immediately.

1-Paying off civilian debts will free up spending money to cover living expenses. The bailout money would end up in the same place, but no one would be paying interest on it. This also frees loan capital for new credit.

2-Breaking up conglomerates will produce more mid-management and upper-management jobs, as well as increase competition, increase supply-chain diversity, increase product selection – All of which helps stimulate economic growth. Any company that generates that much revenue exists as a threat to our sovereignty. We cannot permit our nation to persist as a puppet government.

3-Lobbying is thinly veiled bribery, filibustering is a means of stymieing the legislative process. Both should be obvious to anyone as violations of due process, attempts to subvert the legal system against the tenets of our great nation.

4-Professional politicians ruined Rome. They have ruined America. We need a constant stream of new blood in congress to prevent

5-Ending both wars will relieve our national debt fears, and sending them to perform humanitarian aid will show the world that Americans do have souls.

6-A flat tax for all people and corporations would make our national tax revenue explode, even with a tax rate below what the non-rich already pay.

7-Enhancing public education salaries and budgets would allow for more teachers to be hired, meaning more college grads are employed everywhere, and they get paid enough to live on.

8-Venture Capital funds invest in startups and small businesses, which account for the vast majority of companies in the US and produce many, many jobs. The returns on these investments will provide additional revenue, perhaps even enough to save Social Security.

9-Subsidies drain the gov't, GM food causes a whole host of direct environmental problems and indirect health dangers, and terminator seeds harm farmers.

10-Restrict profits on medical services and products, healthcare costs will plummet, making government-subsidized healthcare a feasible option.

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