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I Am Honorable, Honest, Trustworthy, Truthful, Generous And Sincere, With A Passion For Justice. I Will Fight For Any Cause I Believe To Be Just, And Am Prepared To Be Rebellious. I Have Both A Profound And Widely Ranging Mind, Equipped With Foresight And Good Judgment. I Love New Projects, I Am An Excellent Researcher And Have An Urge To Understand Conceptions That Are New To Me. I Think Rapidly, Logically And Am Intuitive And Original. I Have Been Waiting For Many Year For The World To Awaken From Their Slumber And See The Realities , The Corruption And Angst Of This Government. I Am Here To Talk Some Sense Into People. I Will Be Menace If Need Be... To Get You To See The Big Picture Of Reality. A Revolution Is Our American Duty For One, And The ONLY Logical Solution We Have To Restore This Country And Make Like It Was Meant To Be. And By Doing That We Not Only Will Have Saved Ourselves But The Whole World From OUR TERRORISM! With The US Government That's In Place Right Now, GONE --->> I Know A REAL PEACE Like Nothing We Have Never Seen Or Could Even Imagine Will Set In AND WE THE HUMAN RACE CAN GET BUSY REALLY LIVING LIFE. We Can Live Not In Fear, We Can Live Without Poverty, We Can Live Without Police Brutality. FAIR AND RIGHT !

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