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We are the 99 percent


Occupy Wall Street members and supporters need to get organized, hold caucuses and set an agenda by vote with goals and milestones that are clear and easy to follow. The ideas also have to be easy to communicate and remember. Simply form a local process of referendums by written submission, meet by local regions, precincts or whatever to have an actual face to face meeting reviewing all written submissions and using yeah or nay votes to form a single local list, forward the list to a more centralized county and then state levels, then have a national caucus. Repeat the process till there is one unified list of goals.

Now you have a platform.

I would love to find a way to perform such a feat online, but the process would be expensive and complicated in order to have proper vetting and integrity of vote data.

Public non-fee based internet voting (Facebook for example) will lack serious credibility and vetting.

Pick something, frame it, communicate it, the occupiers are already doing something.

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