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We are the 99 percent


Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg (and the 1%-ers) for uninintentionaly adding fuel to the fires that drive the engines of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The tactic of using the police to enforce the technicalities of the laws against camping in public spaces is not realy about safety, but about an attempt to stifle a movement that is growing and that is scaring the 1%-ers. We have to assume that the right wing/corporate dominated SCOTUS will eventually find this tactic constitutional on the pretext of public safety.

I suggest that this setback be used as a means of making the movement larger and stronger and more organized by adopting the tactic of using Arctic clothing which is fairly weather/waterproof to keep people cozy in any foul weather. That means organizing the purchase, storage, maintenance and controlled distrbution of the equipment. Chemical handwarmers that are non toxc and non-flammable can also be used as needed. This is a simple direct soluttion that would not be easy to impement...but it is possible and neccessary!

The OWS movement is a manifestation of a new kind of human group consciousness/intelligence that actually enhances and strengthens the genuine individuaity of the participants. This is what can be done when people share a common vision/goal/understanding/experience! E pluribus unum in Action. Conventional egoic "leadership" and conventional "heirarchy" is toxic to such a movement...and that is a good thing!

The reality is that peace and love are not just Quixotic ideals but practical hard core neccessities if the human race is to survive thrive and evolve into the future!

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