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We are the 99 percent


The one thing I want changed is campaign finance reform. This is my biggest concern. Wall street and corporations have a grip on our political due process and I want this to end. Consider the tax break Senators McCain and Hagan are proposing to add to President Obama's jobs bill. Corporations like Google, Apple, Pfizer, and Microsoft are lobbying for this and have hired over 100 lobbyists some of which used to work for members of the Super Committee that is supposed to cut spending. The Senators are proposing that these corporations be taxed at 8.75%!!!??? and they justify this with "trickle down". They even say that it doesn't mandate what the money has to be used for so in other words they get a tax break and their allowed to do what they want with it. Are they really naive enough to be believe a for profit company wouldn't do anything that decrease costs and increase profits such as outsourcing rather than creating jobs here.

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