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My name is Matt Holck.

I have been a dishwasher a Janitor and food prepper for a Bistro, a small Cafe, a large business park Cafeteria, and a Pizzeria in my life for a combined 5 years of experience. Taking cue from the dish washing machine and the drying cycles, I am a multitasking expert setting up one task while another runs its cycle. I work to keep the dishes ready to be prepared for any sudden rush or unexpected need that requires my attention away from my post. I organize the products for machine loading and return them to their station without disturbing the flow of others. I'm proud of my work and strive to keep a clean station. When I am caught up on my work, I search for other tasks.

For three years at the bay front downtown, I rode a geared Rickshaw(pedicab) searching for smiles to keep my spirit light. I'd glide slowly along streams of walking tourist and regulars offering rides to local restaurants such as the Star of India and the Fish Market. As they rode, I'd ask them where they where from and what they were doing. I'd listen for connection to my own experience to chime them through conversation. Levity and utility were my selling points and the passenger's happiness was my happiness.

Please Give me a call
4731 Haines Street
San Diego, CA

Work References

Aramark Food Service
4575 Eastgate Mall
San Diego,CA 92121
I washed dishes and developed methods to keep the cafeteria in good and clean order.

Norco Deliveries
I delivered business documents throughout San Diego,
1998 to 2004.

SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems)
Point Loma, San Diego
Supervisor: Richard Waters
I automated optics laboratories through computer programming.

Bike Cab San Diego
123 17th Street
92102, CA
Supervisor: Dan Smith 888 245 3222
I transported people around downtown in the back of a tricycle.

Red Cross Wheels San Diego
I drove a bus for people in wheel chairs.

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