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We are the 99 percent


Wall Street is responsible for the loss of Jobs, Products, America as we knew it - in the name of Business.

It is bad business to sell out your Country - and that is what has been done. I have lost my job (lay offs, outsources, etc) 5 times and had to switch from being a Computer Programmer to a Project Manager 10 years ago. If not for a language, distance and cultural barrier - that job would also go overseas.

I am fortunate to have been able to move around and keep a job, but for how long will that last. I am floundering, trying to do things on my own that are difficult to start.

I have decided to create a web site, which happened to coincide with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The web site will feature products and services MADE-IN-AMERICA, and has a blog where you can express your opinions. I hope you will visit:


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