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We are the 99 percent


Hi, I'm a 20 professional in mortgage finance and real estate. The collapse in confidence in the RE market started us into this, and restoring confidence in RE and Financing will help get us out!
You cannot gain confidence unless you have an independent source for information, and today you can't easily judge the experienced from the newbies.
Factoid: Percentage of all applications taken by big bank employees jumped from < 25% to over 50% in just the last two years. Big banks lobbied & were give exceptions from having to meet higher standards set for local mortgage bankers and brokers. Bigger is not all-ways better is a True statement.
I launched today my site www.loancheck-online.com to serve the needs of Home Buyers, Home Sellers, and Professionals in Real Estate.
If you know a loan officer or Realtor refer them to join in this effort to provide Real Transparency in Mortgage Lending.
I hope my efforts meet with your approval.

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