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My name is Kevin Niicole Horton.

For years I have been concerned, fearful about the state of our nation and have been vocal about it, warning people of the collapse of our economy & the effects it is going to have on the USA as a society. On 09/24/08 I tried to resign my rights as a US Citizen & seek refuge in Australia. The people at the Australian Embassy seemed as though they wanted to listen to me but a US marine removed me from the embassy & onto the streets of DC.He told not to enter the embassy again & told me i needed to talk to the dept. of state. A person at the Australian embassy was told to write the address down by the marine. He wrote Dept of State 1608 New Hampshire Ave.wich is not the dept of state. (Zimbabwe Embassy) Once at the Dept of state i attempted to hand in my social security card & seek protection. I was refused 2 men came out, talked to me at length I told them what I'm saying here.

I believe when the dollar collapses & is replaced as the reserve currency in the world, there will be blood shed in America. Americans against Americans, Crypts against Bloods, Blacks against Whites An Army that's unarmed & out of country, shadow boxing in the desert chasing fleas in rthe sand. A National guard that will turn tail & run, An unprepared unarmed people except the outlaws. Why bother bombing America? Give them more pills.



I Plead with you if you are an ambassador or dignitary at any embassy that receives this letter. Please quietly & orderly notify your citizens in the US to quickly prepare to exodus the USA before the dollar collapses for safety of their lives. If unable to leave the US i will not get involved in the aftermath of the dollar's collapse & pray that when over there will be something left to re-build. I'm a legally blind person who has worked as a sign artist my entire life that receives no government subsidies. I am a hard working self sufficient independent person. If your anAustralian business person & would allow me to work for you or assist me in findinfg a work sponsor allow me the opportunity to work in your nationI'd be erternally thankful & assure you that you willnever regret having faith in my words. If you have relatives in the United States please compell them to return to their home country prior to the collapse of the UNITED STATES

Kevin Niicole Horton

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