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We are the 99 percent


I am a late baby boomer who was fortunate to see a modest American Dream happen with my grandparents and parents. They took ownership and responsibility in themselves and always "moved up" in a generation -for the newly arrived immigrant grandparents which became midwestern landowners (the farm is still in the family), for my parents working their way through college (the first in both families) and working hard as a civil engineer and a teacher/school psychologist to not only own/pay off their home but educate their 3 sons (one is myself) in a very good PUBLIC education system. then be prudent and wonderful enough to give all three of us the (private) college education they had to earn themselves. I taught public high school science for 12 years until during the last 4-5 years I saw poor parenting, decreased resources and unaccountable teachers decimate the district to a point where I could no longer function with conscience. Switching to a small biotech (< 200 employees) to use my science skills to attempt to deliver new therapies to patients, I see overcompensated executives (5% of the company) make massively stupid mistakes and continue to earn at least 400K/yr with bonus - and also no accountability.
Now, as shown with my personal experience within the past 15 years I've been unfortunate enough to watch what I was raised to believe in dissipate and erode - wealth is never enough and never given back by some; unions never seeking to make members more productive in addition to properly compensated thereby increasing the bottom line for both employer and employee. The country in many many sectors has lost that ethic I saw and with which I grew up . Thank you all for bringing a voice and movement to at least establish a dialogue about who we want to be as Americans.
Please organize a national rally/march - wouldn't the day after Thanksgiving be appropriate - right up 5th ave in NY - in the Mall in DC. Send out feelers - I know I would take to to be there to show support and solidarity. Although I can't camp because I have to work to etch out a barely recognizable middle class existence - I will be present for an nationwide convergence/march if organized.

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