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We are the 99 percent


Finally an organization that is pointed in the right direction so us Americans regain not only the power to be heard but through unity uncovered the specific factors that has and is abusing, manipulating, and tearing down our Nation and to change removing the abuse of power and those who commit the crimes.
Addressing the specific organizations and the people like those who control Wall Street. The sell out of the majority of our politicians or elected officials by taking monies from those lobbyists.

The leaders of the political parties controlling parties only exercising their positions without the concerns of their Nation, fellow Americans and even the well being of their own Children's future. How our elected politicians exercise manipulations by not prosecuting those of Wall Street for the crimes upon humanity.

Politicians are sell out those who voted them into position.

How the state of our economy is in the present state due to the abuse of power and how corruption is flaunted without reprisal by our government.

We must address the acts of these elected officials and Corporations and expose with facts not just words that exploit the surface of these acts.

Why is the House the Senate so opposed to taking away the tax breaks of the Oil and others Pharmaceutical Corporations and others ?

Why is the House and Senate against taxing those more who make over a million dollars?

One reason is that part of those tax breaks and low Corporate taxation is those monies go to pay off the politicians, the lobbyists.

The billions made by Hal Burton.

The billions to Iraq and Afghanistan.that go into the hands of corupt Americans, and never is monitored unless to keep the competition away.

The overcharging to the DOD like a hammer priced at $700

The abuse in Building permits so high where it is tearing down the Home and Commercial Building Industry.

Our property rights are abused by every township,State, and Federal agency.

Our Children are being manipulated by being taught Bank Education and deprived of classes that are vital to function in today's world.

We should be trading the book our dog spot for here comes the judge.

Our Children should be learning the nomenclature of law and due process.

I could go on but again expose the specific acts validates the many crimes upon our fellow citizen and human beings.

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