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We are the 99 percent


Just one of the 99. I'm one who got fired from dollar tree for having a panic/rage attack. Less than 20 hours per week STORE POLICY. Benefits start at 35 hours per week. Made PA announcements to promote sales and did drive item sales, NO MERIT RAISES,NO BONUSES. No accommodation for PTSD. ADA states that those who have such loud emotional outbursts SHOULD be given time to seek treatment. The manager who fired me knew I was getting medication (had been waiting six months to see the psychiatrist; long list for the uninsured) Directly after the incident I apologized to all my customers, cleared my line, and watched as Staci counted the drawer. I then told her that I understood if I had to be suspended or written up, asked if she could put me on stock crew until after the holidays. (We'd been under-staffed in the cashier department in a down economy in late October, thus adding to my stress.) I worked two days after that. I thought that everything was fine. I came in that Saturday and was fired for that incident. I averaged $1500-$1800 in sales per four hour shift. More than $2000 if I worked a five hour shift. We got TEN minute breaks for which we clocked out... Everything in dollar tree is $1 or less. The CEO, Bob Sasser, made $5,963,640.00 last year. ..... I made $ 5,575.15 last year.
Sure, only $971,154.00 of his is salary and I don't pay taxes. But I can't buy any of his stock either. His are worth $2,985,500.00.... Wonder If he'll buy my $160 medication for me?
Sad part is that the forbes list makes him look like an angel... Sorry I'm full of words, I forgot that I'm not paid to think!

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