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We are the 99 percent


I'm usally in the Chicago to Joliet area. This is my first post here, feel free to contact me:
The United States of America was largely founded by citizens drinking in taverns that were 'fed-up' with paying taxes, thus launching the Boston Tea Party and The American Revolution. (that's why it's still taboo to this day to discuss politics in a bar)

Let this be our 'tavern' !

The only way to bring jobs back to the U.S. is by not buying foreign products.
1. By placing huge tariffs (400%?) on imports from China,Japan,Taiwan,Korea,Malaysia, etc. . Then new American companies will almost instantly appear as they can now compete with foreign slave labor wages/benefits and foreign countries' lack of anti-pollution laws for manufacturers that would be illegal here.

2. By placing huge taxes and penalties on American companies that use overseas suppliers and/or have employees (manufacturing plants) in other countries. This will bring our existing companies back.

Our government knows this.... so why hasn't this been done? The $460 Billion Obama Jobs plan WILL NOT create lasting jobs. Building or repairing a school or bridge in your neighborhood is great, but will only create a few hundred temporary jobs for maybe 6-9 months!
Feel free to contact me:

I have a history of things of this nature.. When I was a boy, after the 1968 Democratic National Convention riots, the Chicago 7 came to my backyard. former Sen. Tom Hayden and I still write on occasion..

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